YouTuber Attempts to Raise Money for GeForce GTX 780 Ti By Taking It To Kickstarter

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Gamers out there tend to do all sorts of crazy things to upgrade their rig it seems. The latest has YouTuber, Alex Schank, who has content on channels like ASTeretoypicalGamer or BasementPresentation.

He states that he lost his ‘love’ and has “nowhere to turn to”. Aside from a gamer, Schank apparently makes guides, challenges and skit videos.

“I am a YouTube video maker that has lost his love. My video card has bit the dust and I have no where else to turn :(.” Schank states on Kickstarter.

Schank says that his old GeForce GTX 570 “crapped out”, leaving him without any “backup plans”. He cannot buy a new graphics card because he has a little boy and puts his needs above everything else.

There have been no supporters up until now for Schank’s case, which does not come as a surprise. He stated that he wants to raise at least half the sum for a new GeForce GTX 780 Ti and start “making regular videos again and streaming on once more” for his community.

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10 Comments on YouTuber Attempts to Raise Money for GeForce GTX 780 Ti By Taking It To Kickstarter

  • Avatar smokes says:

    of course only one of the higher end cards will do not like a decent budget card would do the job

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    The deadbeat. He should get a proper job then he’ll be able to afford a card. It looks like he’s workshy and a conman.

    • Avatar Zavier Cross says:

      Have you actually read his Kickstarter for the reason why he can’t buy it himself? Because he does actually have a job, this is his hobby.

      • Avatar Wayne says:

        No and I’m not interested in his reasons, if he can’t afford his hobby then he should give it up until he has money to carry on.

        • Avatar Zavier Cross says:

          It’s because he’s just became a father, and any money he gets goes on his kid, don’t be a heartless ass hole.

          • Avatar alaskanhybrid says:

            Hobbies are not that big of a priority to ASK people to give him money to get a high end graphics card. He had a GTX570 which means he can buy a GTX660 or GTX760 and be PERFECTLY fine and not need any silly ass kickstarter

          • Avatar Zeed says:

            Well why should we care that he became a father and got higher priorities?? Maybe i should make an kickstarter for new GPU to as its my hobby.
            Or your a family man or you are a gamer simple.

          • Avatar Dietmar Auerbach says:

            Well just to say this. There are ppl out there that really need help and get nothing. it seems that this guy has yet half of the money for the mentioned card, so he can go cheaper and buy a card. my wife, our two kids and myself have passed almost 6 weeks of quaratine due to an infectious desease. we did that qurantine all alone here at home, and that after we did find the correct diagnosis against the doctors opinions and their diagnosises. we had to find out how to use the insecticide without any medical help. i had to take care of the extinction of the parasites. my wife was one year diagnosted and treated wrong because of the ignorance and arrogance of doctors. we lost our jobs and are now getting the lowest income from our so called welfare state. we lost our car because we don`t have or had the money to fix it. we still don`t get any fuckin`help from the responsable clinic, doctors, ministry or public health office. we did everything on our own and remember we have two little children (one turned 2 this month and the other 6 this month) and my wife fought for her life. but we still have food, beverage. our home, the internet and TV aso aso. but now we have to sue the whole bunch of assholes that brought us into this bad situation…..and you really have balls to call someone an heartless ass hole because he does say the right thing? you sir you can go and ejaculate against the wall, because if today where hundreds of millions of ppl all over this planet really need help to be able to just survive, you complain about that “poor” father cannot afford a card for 650€? He only can spend 325€? our fuckin`rig was 279€ plus later a card for 90€! So better get a cold shower and wake up before talkin`such a stupid BS. BTW: if the guy really spend all for his child then he should give up his hobby. But as for a kickstarter-project it is just ridiculous, inmature and stupid! mm/

          • Avatar Scase says:

            Then maybe he shoudn’t have had a kid?

  • Avatar grumpytrooper says:

    I just went onto one of his video’s and gave him a load of advice……….I’m expecting abuse back even though I was sincere and tried to be helpful.

    I think the silliness of Kickstarter stuff sort of finished with the potato salad man, but that , of course, is only my opinion.

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