Xbox Rewards Changes Star Level Requirements – Users Not Happy

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Without warning, Microsoft has shifted the requirements for its various star levels for members of its Xbox Rewards program, with the one star threshold alone doubling. Many users have been angered by the move, which has shifted the progress of many down to a lower tier, meaning that overnight they are entitled to less from the reward scheme.

The new tiers are:

  • 1 star – “old: $150” “new: $300”
  • 2 star – “old: $400” “new: $600”
  • 3 star – “old: $650” “new: $900”
  • 4 star – “old: $900” “new: $1200”
  • 5 star – “old: $1200” “new: $1800”

In the UK, the five star thresholds are now set at £200, £400, £600, £900, and £1,200, respectively.

Much of the ire directed at the Xbox Rewards revision is concentrated on reddit where the rage is palpable:

dee_c: “So, basically Microsoft is running the equivalent of the worst frequent flyer program in the world? They constantly incentivize us to remain Xbox Live gold members, but they still clear out your rewards status even if you continuously buy products and don’t go inactive?”

Mashable_Pixels: “I was on tier 5, Now I’m on Tier 3. Really f***ing annoying.”

Alan066: “I was €25 away from level 3. Bumped down to level 1 now as well. Not happy!”

awsumsauce: “I was 14€ away from three stars LAST NIGHT so I bought a couple games worth around 30€, and now I’m at 1 star, 0%? Way to screw me (and everyone else!) over, Microsoft. Great job!”

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