Xbox One Gets 360 Backward Compatibility

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When the latest generation of consoles were released a lot were upset, with only the Wii U offering compatibility with its older sibling the Wii. With the Xbox One not letting you play all those old games you had for the last consoles on them, this may change though as it looks like that will shortly change for the Xbox One.

Revealed at the Microsoft E3 press conference, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox Chief stated that their goal was to “deliver the largest games catalog ever on Xbox and Xbox compatibility allows us to do that just”.

The reveal also came with details on how it will work in regards to your old games and for game creators and publishers. On the Xbox store titles will begin appearing that were once only available on the 360, but if your one for purchasing disks they will continue to work. After placing your disk into the console, you’ll be prompted to download the game (Xbox One variation) and can start playing the second it’s finished.

This also works well for developers with it being a simple, “we accept”, clause. No effort required on the developer’s side they just have to accept and sign off that their games can play on the Xbox One. This includes with the Xbox One features such as broadcasting and streaming, and you can even still playing multiplayer with your friends playing it on the Xbox 360.

Xbox Preview members will even get a set of titles out today, with everyone else getting access over the holidays. They’ve stated this new compatibility will come at no extra cost, except maybe the price of having to grab an extra hard drive or two for all your games you have to (re)download onto your Xbox.

Thank you PCWorld for the information.

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