Windows 9 Rumored To Be Released This Year, Way Off The April 2015 Preditictions

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There is a lot of tension as we approach April and the moment when Microsoft will reveal Windows 9 and release the latest big update for Windows 8, which is expected to fix and add features noted by users along the way. We will be able to see and probably know the exact path Microsoft is going to take with the latest Windows platform, but until then, we hear of more rumors, this time regarding the release date of Windows 9.

News has been spreading that Windows 9 will not be released in April 2015, as previously noted. According to “WZor”, who is said to be a credible source with solid information from inside Microsoft, the new operating system will be released somewhere at the end of October, noted to be the 24th of October on his Twitter page. The date mentioned is said to be the deadline for Windows 9 RTM, which should be sent to PC manufacturers in order to start shipping new PCs and laptops with the latest operating system.

This means that the April 2015 date has been way off. We can even see a service pack being released for Windows 9 until we get to April 2015. But, as always, take the information with a grain of salt. We should be able to get more official information when we reach the BUILD conference in April, and possibly a roadmap for Windows 9.

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1 Comment on Windows 9 Rumored To Be Released This Year, Way Off The April 2015 Preditictions

  • Avatar Tomshardware101 says:

    Whether you like Windows 8/8.1 or not, releasing Windows 9 this year makes no commercial sense for Microsoft – Windows 8 total sales (including preloaded versions) have actually been fairly good, and releasing an entire new OS so soon will guarantee that very few people upgrade, since the new OS would only really cater to the people who stayed with Windows 7 since they didn’t like 8 – a relatively small cohort.

    I would expect that this date is the release of Windows 8.2, though there is also just as much evidence to say that ‘Threshold’ in April 2015 is the release of 8.2 as Windows 9, so you may have to wait longer than expected for the next OS. Either way, Windows 9 is very unlikely to be released this year.

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