Windows 10 will Force Automatic Updates

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Windows 10 is just on the horizon and whether you’re a gamer or PC enthusiast, we are all curious about the sort of things Windows 10 will bring to the table and it looks like Microsoft will be making some adjustments to its update policy, as well as the ability to turn off updates, will be entirely removed from Windows 10.

As Ars Technia points out the new windows 10 EULA includes a statement that does imply users to agree to an automatic update without any additional note

The software will periodically check for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them to your system. you can obtain updates from Microsoft or an authorized sources, however, Microsoft will have to update your system in order to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.

Although, do not be too alarmed if this certain policy troubles you, it is quite possible for things to change between the time before release and even after the release, as it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft announced a new policy for a product only to reverse their decision later on. In fact, Microsoft hasn’t announced this at all, yet.

Do you think automatic updates are good idea?

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5 Comments on Windows 10 will Force Automatic Updates

  • Avatar Robert Lowndes says:

    think i’ll wait ’til the cracked version comes out

  • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

    So long as I can schedule them to suite me, no problem. If they force me to download when I’m busy, it’s going only annoy people

  • If I have to live with fully auto updates, they can keep 10, I’ll stick with 7.

  • Avatar Potrimpo says:

    The idea behind is ok. But no option is no option. Settings automatical update per default is for the most user the right way. But no chance to stop is a too hard restriction. Look the update chaos (in some cases, i have had no probs) the last months.

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