Winamp And Shoutcast To Be Bought By Radionomy

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Winamp and Shoutcast, the legacy digital music services that owner AOL originally planned to shut down but then halted pending a sale, are reportedly being bought by another company than what we heard in the past. They are not being bought by Microsoft, but are instead being acquired by Radionomy, an international aggregator of online radio stations headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

The Radionomy connection was first noticed by a Carsten Knobloch over at Stadt-Bremerhaven, who saw that Winamp’s nameservers, but not Shoutcast’s, had been transferred to Radionomy. Since then more, information rolled in and it’s known now that the deal is for both properties and should be finalised by Friday, if not sooner.

Radionomy has some 6,000 stations in its catalog already, with an emphasis on a do-it-yourself platform that anyone can use to create a channel. Shoutcast’s 50,000-strong catalog of radio stations will be a major boost on that front. Winamp’s media playing software could be used to help program those radio stations and offer additional services.

Some of those may see the two products in more commercial settings. One of Radionomy’s strategic investors is MusicMatic, which develops audio and video experiences for stores and other venues.

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1 Comment on Winamp And Shoutcast To Be Bought By Radionomy

  • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

    Thank god it’s not M$
    I was really worried about that.
    Glad to see it’s going to someone who appears to care about audio.

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