In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts

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So there we have it, the In Win Tou, one of the craziest and most impressive looking chassis we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing and it has certainly been a lot of fun to work with. It makes an impressive statement and also makes for quite the spectacle too, but the big question is, should you buy one?

The chassis is far from perfect (although come to think of it there are none that truly are perfect) and it has a few flaws that could put some people off, while others would just embrace them. The first and most obvious one to me is the price, it’s £625 and no matter what way you look at it, that is a rather huge number for a PC case. Yet that price is what it is for good reason, we’ve got tempered glass, and lots of it! A sand cast aluminium frame and a heck of a lot of hand made components that have been well crafted and bolted together, this thing was not stamped out on a production line, it was crafted and you can’t put a price on that kind of quality. Aside from the materials being expensive, it is also well designed, it is highly exclusive with only a few hundred being produced (as far as I know), the one we have for review is actually the Special Edition #2, I guess In Win are keeping #1 to them selves.

Maintenance could turn into a small nightmare if you don’t keep up with it, this is not an air filtered case and if you have a dusty environment then you’re going to be reaching for the microfibre cloth often. While dust obviously has implications on the performance of some components such as cooling fans, it could really ruin the visuals of this beautiful PC case, because lets face it, you’ll want to keep it sparkling! On a plus note though, you can easily remove any one of the glass panels and this makes them easy to clean on both sides.

There is also a fear of breaking it, while the glass is incredibly strong, it’s still prone to chipping, especially around the weaker corners and edges. Of course a little care and attention goes a long way, but you do feel aware that your lifting a fully loaded glass box that “if” dropped, may be hard to replace.

OK that is it, as far as I am concerned there are no other down sides, but I do have a great list of benefits of owning this chassis. First of all has to be the design, flat out it is one of the greatest looking chassis I have ever seen. With the lights out it’s a mirrored marvel that conceals the system inside it, but power up the lights and it becomes translucent just as all your components come to life, it feels like an unveiling every time you power it up. It’s also a great presentation case, I imaging manufacturers using these to show off their new motherboards or any shiny internal component.

The touch panel feels really cool too, it isn’t something you really see on the PC chassis market yet and it feels modern and sleek to operate. Having the built in fan controller, light controller and even a demo “breathing” light effect is a nice touch and they all compliment the chassis well.

Bragging rights is another benefit too, it’s a show in its own right and the response we’ve seen around this chassis at trade shows just proves that, people can’t stop taking pictures of it and if In Win were creating this as a publicity stunt to show what they can do, it certainly appears to be working for them.


  • Glass and aluminium construction really stand out.
  • The lighting effect is impressive.
  • Hard drive shelves look really cool.
  • Build quality as well as the level of engineering is incredible.


  • Price is high, although it is easy to see why.
  • Dust could quickly become a problem if you don’t keep up with maintenance.
  • There is always that fear that you may break it (even though it is actually incredibly strong).

“I could easily award editors choice just on my own personal appreciation for the Tou, but I highly expect this chassis doesn’t even need an award to show people how great it is, or even how great it can be, it does that all by its self. I am however happy to award it our Innovation Award and while there isn’t really anything overly innovative on it other than the choice of materials, the Innovation Award really goes to In Win for pushing the limits of design and doing something different to everyone else.”


Thank you to In Win for supplying this review sample.

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5 Comments on In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

  • Avatar John Agwazim says:

    This is amazing. Kudos….

  • Avatar SIMONE LEE says:


  • Avatar Ron says:

    No tray cut out for access to the cpu back plane. Not a deal killer, but still a feature that I would expect from a case with this price tag. As well as filters.

    Beautiful case, but not as well thought out as it should be for the price.

  • Avatar sable says:

    Looks like a Jawa Sandcrawler!

  • Avatar ELPCU says:

    LOL Is this guy call this as “review” in media? If this is Newegg review or any review in Blog, I understand this quality, but not in this case. This article quality is terrible as a case review.
    The review simply misses too much crucial elements of decent case review.
    No such thermal performance test, no such noise performance test, and worst of all, not much talk about how much functionality it gives as a case.

    He said “The chassis is fairly well equipped and supports a single 5.25″ drive, 2 x 2.5″ drives, 3 x 3.5″ drives, a PSU of up to 220mm.” Kidding me? Is fairly well equipped? Most of current $100 mid tower cases afford more than that. I know it should be enough for most people, but most people WILL NOT buy this shit.

    Do you think fitting in $500 rig (except case price) in this case make sense? NO!

    At least we should expect +$1500~2000 price rig for this case. For those guys, this is not enough. For example, just 3 of HDD? Not enough. 1 of 5.25inch bay? You might think many people do not use 5.25 inch bay, so it should be enough, but NOT for enthusiasts. 5.25 inch bay is most versatile bay. Having more 5.25 inch bays means a LOT. One of most common one is fan controller, and You can add HDD cage, or hot swapable HDD cage, or add 3.5inch bay adapter and add extra SD/CF card reader+@.

    Also, There are many elements of case, now become almost industry standard. As Ron mentioned, fan filter, cut out for CPU backplate are some of those. Other things are anti-vibration mechanic, which is usually simply rubber ring on HDD screw, but it reduce vibration, which is important issue for noise hater. Also, rubber grommet on cable management hole is common. Or hole for cable tie is something. Only stuff I see for this case, I see cable management and few cable managing clips, which is arguably not enough for some people.

    There are MORE elements this review misses, but I will stop here. This review is terrible.

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