In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

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Complete System

First things first, here you can better see how the power cable routes into the chassis, while the 2nd gap just above would be used to route all other cables such as monitor and peripheral cables.


Total build time on the Tou was about an hour, could I have done it quicker? Absolutely! Did I take my time in case I broke something, you bet I did! Although after half an hour of tinkering, it soon became apparent that I was being over cautious, this thing is solid as a rock, tempered glass is very strong and the sand cast aluminium frame is incredibly sturdy.

As you can see, we’ve made good use of the cable management, things are looking very neat and tidy with just a few trailing fan cables looking a little out of place.


I was able to tidy up the front cables a little, and I’ve made good use of the modular In Win Serenity 900W power supply to minimise the cables we required for the build, although we were hardly struggling for cable routing space I was just making every effort for a clean build.


One interesting choice I made was to use a passive CPU cooler (Cooler Master TPC 800), partly because it has a similar colour that compliments the build, but it’s also a tall cooler and fit with 5mm to spare. I had originally gone to install the Corsair H100i and it looked absolutely horrible, it’s a great looking cooler and the Tou does hold it, but it just didn’t feel right. I had to strip out all three top fans from the Tou, mount the rad with a push pull config to avoid the reservoir conflicting…long story short, if you are going to put a radiator in this thing, do it justice and get a custom loop.


There is more than enough space for our CPU to breath here, certainly more than enough room for a multi-GPU configuration.


The front fan is unobstructed and thanks to the generous openings at the front of the chassis, as well as the built in fan speed controller, cooling shouldn’t be an issue and our GPU will get a lot of airflow when it is needed.


There is a huge amount of clearance above the motherboard, as I said before – I was able to mount the H100i here with a push pull fans mounted, so more than enough for a thick radiator if that is what you wish.


From a standing position the build looks absolutely fantastic, well presented and clean, but best of all, we haven’t even turned the lights on yet! So let’s get that side panel back in place and hit the lights.


In a fairly bright room with the lights on full we see the chassis glows quite nicely, what was once a mirror that is now transparent and giving off a blue, but slightly purple tinted tone. As you can see it was really important to get cable management right and picking the right components for your build has never been so vital from a design point of view, they really are on show from every angle and if something is out of place, it could ruin the whole design.


Now we have a much darker room, with the lighting on its lowest setting. My camera is on a slow exposure so it is making the strip light on the right look really bright, but in reality all we have is the subtle glow bouncing off the back plate and the edge of the GPU.


The front panel lights up with such a subtle tone and the frosted glass effect helps capture the light really well, bringing a little bit of focus to the front panel.


The hard drives could be viewed on their shelves, the CPU cooler hanging in the back and the ram sitting nicely in the middle, it really is quite strange to have this view of a computer from this angle, but it does look pretty cool.


Light does escape the top of the chassis a little more than the rear, but it doesn’t spoil the effect at all and the mixture of bright and dark sections just adds to the whole mood of the design, assenting certain features and panels more than others dependant on the angle you look at it from.


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5 Comments on In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

  • Avatar John Agwazim says:

    This is amazing. Kudos….

  • Avatar SIMONE LEE says:


  • Avatar Ron says:

    No tray cut out for access to the cpu back plane. Not a deal killer, but still a feature that I would expect from a case with this price tag. As well as filters.

    Beautiful case, but not as well thought out as it should be for the price.

  • Avatar sable says:

    Looks like a Jawa Sandcrawler!

  • Avatar ELPCU says:

    LOL Is this guy call this as “review” in media? If this is Newegg review or any review in Blog, I understand this quality, but not in this case. This article quality is terrible as a case review.
    The review simply misses too much crucial elements of decent case review.
    No such thermal performance test, no such noise performance test, and worst of all, not much talk about how much functionality it gives as a case.

    He said “The chassis is fairly well equipped and supports a single 5.25″ drive, 2 x 2.5″ drives, 3 x 3.5″ drives, a PSU of up to 220mm.” Kidding me? Is fairly well equipped? Most of current $100 mid tower cases afford more than that. I know it should be enough for most people, but most people WILL NOT buy this shit.

    Do you think fitting in $500 rig (except case price) in this case make sense? NO!

    At least we should expect +$1500~2000 price rig for this case. For those guys, this is not enough. For example, just 3 of HDD? Not enough. 1 of 5.25inch bay? You might think many people do not use 5.25 inch bay, so it should be enough, but NOT for enthusiasts. 5.25 inch bay is most versatile bay. Having more 5.25 inch bays means a LOT. One of most common one is fan controller, and You can add HDD cage, or hot swapable HDD cage, or add 3.5inch bay adapter and add extra SD/CF card reader+@.

    Also, There are many elements of case, now become almost industry standard. As Ron mentioned, fan filter, cut out for CPU backplate are some of those. Other things are anti-vibration mechanic, which is usually simply rubber ring on HDD screw, but it reduce vibration, which is important issue for noise hater. Also, rubber grommet on cable management hole is common. Or hole for cable tie is something. Only stuff I see for this case, I see cable management and few cable managing clips, which is arguably not enough for some people.

    There are MORE elements this review misses, but I will stop here. This review is terrible.

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