In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

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With the side panel removed we get our first look at the interior. As you can see, the back plate is pretty solid with just a few cut outs for cable routing and management. There is no CPU cooler mounting cut-out, so that will need to be installed prior to installation of the motherboard. The cable routing cut-outs don’t feature grommets but they do have smooth edges.


In the base we can see there is a massive space for a PSU, while on the right there is the casing around the 5.25″ bay and the pre-installed cables that handle USB 3.0, I/O panel, bundled fans and the fan controller panel. Running along the bottom of the chassis is a red and black wire, this connects the two LED strip lights that run down the left and right side of the frame interior.


Cables here look a little messy and I’m surprised In Win hasn’t done a better job of enclosing them, but there are a few cable routing holes nearby, so we should be able to tidy that up fairly well. There is a single 120mm intake fan mounted using a shock proof rubber strap near the front of the chassis.


Here we see three removable shelves that support 3.5″ hard drives, although you can also directly screw a 2.5″ drive to the back plate just next to the intake fan.


There is a rear mounting bracket that acts as the back of the system, as least as far as mounting your GPU and motherboard is concerned, allowing you to screw your devices in place much like you would in any other chassis.


The mounting plate stands a few inches from the glass and that will allow heat from your components fans to exhaust up and out of the chassis, rather than build up behind the system, although there does appear to be extra openings near the base that will allow your PSU to exhaust better, but also allow you a gap to route power, monitor and peripheral cables to their ports behind the glass.


Around the back I found a huge amount of space for cable management, more so than just about any chassis on the market and we can easily get a huge amount of cables cable here, cable tie them down and keep everything tidy. So let’s get to it and build our system inside the Tou, because I’m sure your dying to see what this thing looks like when it is powered up!


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5 Comments on In Win Tou Tempered Glass Special Edition PC Chassis Review

  • Avatar John Agwazim says:

    This is amazing. Kudos….

  • Avatar SIMONE LEE says:


  • Avatar Ron says:

    No tray cut out for access to the cpu back plane. Not a deal killer, but still a feature that I would expect from a case with this price tag. As well as filters.

    Beautiful case, but not as well thought out as it should be for the price.

  • Avatar sable says:

    Looks like a Jawa Sandcrawler!

  • Avatar ELPCU says:

    LOL Is this guy call this as “review” in media? If this is Newegg review or any review in Blog, I understand this quality, but not in this case. This article quality is terrible as a case review.
    The review simply misses too much crucial elements of decent case review.
    No such thermal performance test, no such noise performance test, and worst of all, not much talk about how much functionality it gives as a case.

    He said “The chassis is fairly well equipped and supports a single 5.25″ drive, 2 x 2.5″ drives, 3 x 3.5″ drives, a PSU of up to 220mm.” Kidding me? Is fairly well equipped? Most of current $100 mid tower cases afford more than that. I know it should be enough for most people, but most people WILL NOT buy this shit.

    Do you think fitting in $500 rig (except case price) in this case make sense? NO!

    At least we should expect +$1500~2000 price rig for this case. For those guys, this is not enough. For example, just 3 of HDD? Not enough. 1 of 5.25inch bay? You might think many people do not use 5.25 inch bay, so it should be enough, but NOT for enthusiasts. 5.25 inch bay is most versatile bay. Having more 5.25 inch bays means a LOT. One of most common one is fan controller, and You can add HDD cage, or hot swapable HDD cage, or add 3.5inch bay adapter and add extra SD/CF card reader+@.

    Also, There are many elements of case, now become almost industry standard. As Ron mentioned, fan filter, cut out for CPU backplate are some of those. Other things are anti-vibration mechanic, which is usually simply rubber ring on HDD screw, but it reduce vibration, which is important issue for noise hater. Also, rubber grommet on cable management hole is common. Or hole for cable tie is something. Only stuff I see for this case, I see cable management and few cable managing clips, which is arguably not enough for some people.

    There are MORE elements this review misses, but I will stop here. This review is terrible.

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