In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


No matter what way you look at it, this is an expensive chassis. £161.99 is a lot of money for a small case, but once you factor in the building materials, and the PSU, it does fall more in like with the competition and while it is not the best value for money, it is pretty unique.


The price isn’t really the main focus here, nor should it be. This was never designed for mass market appeal and it is clear that InWin have put a lot of effort into making something that really stands out from the crowd. Build quality is simply amazing and the finish on the aluminium is flawless, especially on the edges and corners of each panel.

A 180w PSU might not sound like a lot, but when you factor in the it only has to power a motherboard, CPU, RAM and a pair of 2.5″ hard drives, it is more than enough power for most any system. You’ll be hard pushed to build a system in this chassis that exceeds that level of power and when you look at the price of similar PSU’s in this form factor you’re easily looking at around £60, which explains a chunk of the price tag for the chassis.

It may not be a grand as the H-Frame, but the H-Frame Mini still packs a mighty punch in terms of design, build quality and overall coolness that makes it feel like something special. Sure it is not going to be to everyone’s taste, but I personally think it looks great and I can’t think of a better chassis to show of a new mITX motherboard as it almost feels like a premium display case at times.

It just misses out on an eTeknix award this time, but that is no bad thing! It’s a little expensive for our bang for buck award, I’d want room for a GPU for the editors choice award, and our innovation award doesn’t seem like a good fit either. If we had an award for something being cool, then that is what I would go with. You’re going to either love or hate this chassis and if you really want it, there is nothing else on the market like it that can really compare in terms of style.


  • Flawless build quality
  • Aluminium and glass construction
  • PSU included
  • Choice of colours available (blue, red & green)
  • Excellent airflow


  • High price tag may put people off
  • Only has space for a small expansion card

“Unique style and flawless build quality go a long way to making this one of the coolest chassis on the market, but its specialist nature may make it impractical for many system builds.”

Thank you InWin for providing us with this information.

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5 Comments on In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

  • Skidmarks says:

    It would look good in a modern hi-tech setting if that’s your bag.

    • Peter Donnell says:

      Absolutely, and there really is nothing wrong with that of course. If you want a practical or gaming system, look elsewhere, if you want your modern office space to look bad ass, get this.

  • Chuckcash says:

    FM2 APU build with a low profile AMD Card to hybrid Crossfire to make a decent front room game box / media PC?

  • Chris says:

    How loud is the 4cm fan on the psu under full system load? What are cpu/mb temps like?

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