In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

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Complete System

Total build time on the H-Frame Mini was around 30 minutes, a little longer than I expect given the size of the chassis. It was a little fiddly to work with and that is understandable given the small workspace, but I also took extra time and care to route the cables around the chassis as neat as I could, given the small amount of space available I think the end result was certainly worth it.


The Akasa fan we have installed has a nice and low profile, but there is a little room for something bigger dependant on your motherboards configuration. We have used our low profile ram here, but there is easily room for a taller heat spreader.


Airflow is clearly unobstructed thanks to the neat cable routing and since the CPU cooler is the only moving part in our system, and that airflow is coming from almost every angle within the chassis, heat should not be a problem.


With the side panel back in place we can see why cable routing is so important, you get a super clear view of the components and the overall build looks stunning. You could of course use the solid side panel, but where is the fun in that!


Finally from the front you can just see our SSD tucked in at the top right and a few of the extra cables behind the motherboard.


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5 Comments on In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

  • Skidmarks says:

    It would look good in a modern hi-tech setting if that’s your bag.

    • Peter Donnell says:

      Absolutely, and there really is nothing wrong with that of course. If you want a practical or gaming system, look elsewhere, if you want your modern office space to look bad ass, get this.

  • Chuckcash says:

    FM2 APU build with a low profile AMD Card to hybrid Crossfire to make a decent front room game box / media PC?

  • Chris says:

    How loud is the 4cm fan on the psu under full system load? What are cpu/mb temps like?

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