In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

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1373953745_three_color_3We have another funky little chassis in the eTeknix office today, and while it was only a couple of weeks ago that we took a look at the truly epic H-Frame from InWin, we now have something a little smaller, lighter and less expensive, the H-Frame Mini. The mITX sibling of the Aluminium monster that is the H-Frame looks set to offer a similar design ethic, but with a much reduced footprint, making it ideal for those short of space or in need of something more portable.

mITX has undergone a rebirth this last year, with mITX chassis proving more and more popular we have seen hardware manufacturers put out some of the greatest small components, especially when it comes to motherboards and APUs that are capable of giving smaller form factors some impressive graphics performance. Yet much of the attention goes towards the larger mITX chassis such as the BitFenix prodigy, but there is a market out there that wants all the premium build quality and design they can get in a much smaller form factor.

InWin look set to deliver to those who want such a design, giving the H-Frame Mini an aluminium and tempered glass finish, something that goes a long way to explaining the price tag of £161.99. That is expensive for something this small but it does features an integrated 180w PSU, and if the build quality is anything like that of the £260 H-Frame (full size) then it may not be such a bad deal after all. So lets get right to it and see just what this chassis has to offer.

In the box we found a simple user guide, a bundle of extra cables for the PSU and all the usual nuts and bolts required to install our components.


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5 Comments on In Win H-Frame Mini mITX Aluminium Chassis Review

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    It would look good in a modern hi-tech setting if that’s your bag.

    • Avatar Peter Donnell says:

      Absolutely, and there really is nothing wrong with that of course. If you want a practical or gaming system, look elsewhere, if you want your modern office space to look bad ass, get this.

  • Avatar Chuckcash says:

    FM2 APU build with a low profile AMD Card to hybrid Crossfire to make a decent front room game box / media PC?

  • Avatar Chris says:

    How loud is the 4cm fan on the psu under full system load? What are cpu/mb temps like?

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