In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts

Overall I’m rather impressed with the In Win GT1 and while I reserve that it’s not personally something I would choose for my own rig (mostly because it doesn’t match the other things I have in my office in terms of design), I do still love the design and features that it offers and for this price range it’s clear that In Win are being highly competitive in an already fierce market.

For £55 you’ll be hard pushed to find a chassis that offers more features than the GT1 and while you may find similar specification products, it really boils down to which design you prefer. The design of the GT1 is clearly marketed at a gaming audience and the side panel window, red LED fan, extra storage bays and room for additional cooling will all play well towards a mid to high end build.

Build quality is on par with the competition for the price range, with a steady mixture of plastics and steel. All of the panels fit nicely and there were no noticeable rattles or squeaks while installing components or moving the system around.

I’m not so sure I can see much of a sports car influence in the GT1, but I do like what they’ve done with the design regardless. The front filters and their clip-in red highlights are a nice touch and I like the idea of customising the chassis after you’ve purchased it. The side panel window is awesome too and it’s nice to see a clear panel in a market that often favours tinted panels.

If I have any issues with the GT1 they’re nothing that aren’t excused by the budget friendly price tag. A little extra cable management room would be nice, but this is true of most chassis, an extra air intake fan couldn’t hurt either, or even a full set of reusable expansion slot covers. Yet again, all of these would likely have put the price up by £10 or £15, perhaps even more, so I appreciate that In Win have found a strong balance of price, functionality and performance.


  • Unique and colourful design.
  • Good quality side panel window.
  • Cable management.
  • Plenty of hard drive bays.
  • Three air filters provided.
  • Room for extra cooling fans.


  • Snap-off expansion slot covers.
  • Single USB 3.0 port.

“In Win have a really hot product here, packed full of features and backed up by a cool exterior design. You’re going to be hard pushed to find something more versatile within this price range and it’s definitely worthy of our Bang for Buck Award.”


In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis

Thank you In Win for providing us with this sample

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3 Comments on In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  • Avatar Hariz Sha'azza says:

    Would really get this casing If I can. Looks neat, well built and has nice features. Don’t really mind the snap off as I rarely and almost never change my GPU

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I suppose for the price & quality you really can’t complain if you are more ‘ostentatiously inclined’. It doesn’t look that bad but it’s just not my style and I’m annoyed to see USB 2.0 ports again. Seriously, how much more can USB 3.0 add to the cost. Those CPU cooling fans you’re using there Peter must be about the quietest (not to mention economical on power draw) on the market. 🙂

  • Avatar Sten says:

    I have 1 question. Can you rout the CPU power cable from behind?

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