In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis Review

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The left side panel of the GT1 features a huge crystal clear panel that gives a great view of the chassis interior, so a clean-looking build will be important.


The right side panel may not have a window, but it does still features a similar sized section that is raised, thus allowing a little extra room for cable management behind the motherboard.


There is plenty going on at the front, with the front panel connectors and buttons at the top, three ventilated 5.25″ drive bays that feature front removable covers and a large air intake at the bottom. The air intake features two large vertical mesh intakes, as well as 18 smaller ones broken up into two 3 x 3 squares. It is here that we can clip in our red highlights that came bundled with the chassis.


The front panel is nicely equipped with a hot-swap SATA bay on the top, followed by Power, Reset and Fan controls on the top. On the front edge we have a pair of USB 2.0 ports, HD Audio ports and a single USB 3.0.


Around the back we find that there are a pair of rubber grommets at the top, a pre-installed 120mm exhaust fan, seven expansion slots, an expansion slot bracet and finally a bottom mounted PSU cut-out.DSC_2880

Front the top we see a lot more ventilation, with a design similar to that of the front panel. We can also get a better view of the hot-swap HDD bay on the top, or if you’re anything like me this area will be used to keep spare change, USB sticks and biro pens.


The underside shows four large rubber feet, these give good clearance and stability to the chassis. There are two dust filters, one for the PSU and one for an optional 120mm fan mount. Towards the front you’ll also notice four screw holes, these allow you to install an extra 2.5″ HDD on the chassis interior.


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3 Comments on In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis Review

  • Avatar Hariz Sha'azza says:

    Would really get this casing If I can. Looks neat, well built and has nice features. Don’t really mind the snap off as I rarely and almost never change my GPU

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I suppose for the price & quality you really can’t complain if you are more ‘ostentatiously inclined’. It doesn’t look that bad but it’s just not my style and I’m annoyed to see USB 2.0 ports again. Seriously, how much more can USB 3.0 add to the cost. Those CPU cooling fans you’re using there Peter must be about the quietest (not to mention economical on power draw) on the market. 🙂

  • Avatar Sten says:

    I have 1 question. Can you rout the CPU power cable from behind?

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