Win a BitFenix Fury 750W Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply Winner!

by - 6 years ago


We love giving away prizes to our community, so recently we ran a competition on Facebook that was super simple. All you had to do was tell us why you think you should win this lovely BitFenix Fury 750W Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply. In a bid to give something back to our followers old and new, this awesome prize couldn’t be easier to win and after careful consideration we’ve picked one lucky winner. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, we’ve got loads more great competitions running right now and even more on the way very soon!

You can find out more information and buy the unit from

So without further delay, join hands and cheer to congratulate our lucky winner.

Matt Boorman of London

Well done Matt, there were loads of great comments that we could have picked, but your comment “As I am about to embark on my first ever build and this would give me more power than god!!” stood out for me and we wish you all the best with your new system build. Don’t forget to share a picture or two of it on our Facebook and Forums when you get your prize, and when you build your rig!

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5 Comments on Win a BitFenix Fury 750W Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply Winner!

  • Avatar Barry Bradshaw says:

    Congrats what a stunning PSU

  • Avatar Maurizio says:

    inb4 always wins people from rich countries hurr durr

    • Avatar staticfx says:

      lol yep its a conspiracy against you… or.. maybe.. it might be the fact that MORE PEOPLE FROM THOSE COUNTRIES ENTER?

      • Avatar Maurizio says:

        nooo don’t bring facts, also everyone in rich countries is obviously rich and can afford everything

  • Avatar jacoby_happy says:

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