In Win 805 Aluminium and Glass Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Final Thoughts


The In Win 805 isn’t especially cheap, but when you consider the extravagant prices of some of the other In Win models, as well as factoring in that you’re buying a chassis that features premium materials such as aluminium and a lot of beautifully finished tempered glass, it’s price is very good value for money. The 805 can be found at Overclockers UK for just £129.95.


In Win took the PC market by storm a few years ago as they switched from making everyday chassis’ to some truly game changing products. Much like VW dropping out of F1 to build the Veyron, In Win set their targets very high and created some truly unique products. Of course, these crazy products also came with price tags as high as In Win’s ambition, but over time, the ideas have been working their way down to more consumer-friendly products with more consumer friendly prices; the In Win 805 is the perfect example of this.

In terms of specifications, this is a mid-tower, with support for a reasonable amount of storage, some decent water cooling, an ATX PSU and all that other normal stuff you would get in a mid-tower. The big difference is the design, with three full panels of glass giving you an uncompromising view of the chassis interior and a super sleek and clean finish, especially when you add in the aluminium highlights and that funky LED-lit side panel In Win logo. The 805 blends just the right amount of practicality without compromising on design, but even better, In Win have done it without a huge price premium compared to similar specification premium mid-towers from rival brands.

Build quality is obviously very high, the design is superb, it’s very easy to work with and install your hardware and that’s really all there is to it. The 805 ticks all the right boxes and it’ll be just as well suited to sitting next to your desk at home as it would be on display at an event.


  • Flawless build quality
  • Glass front and side panels
  • Great for showing off your hardware
  • Hexagon pattern front panel
  • Water cooling support
  • LED In Win Logo
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Four 2.5″ drive mounts
  • Movable 3.5″ drive mounts
  • Cable routing


  • None

“The In Win 805 is one of the coolest looking and best-made mid-tower chassis we’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for something to show off your hardware, that’s still a great day-to-day chassis, you’ll want this one right at the top of your shopping list.”

In Win 805 Aluminium and Glass Mid-Tower Chassis Review

In Win 805 Aluminium and Glass Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Thank you In Win for providing us with this sample.

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  • sleazefrenzy says:

    I’d like this case but is the cooling sufficient? If I put a 280mm liquid cooler like the NZXT X61 in the front, would that be drawing in enough air from underneath for an overclocked i5?

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