In Win 805 Aluminium and Glass Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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Complete System

The complete build took about twenty minutes to complete, that’s pretty darn quick for any system build, but the In Win 805 is just so easy to work with and I never ran into any issues. OK, I must admit that the cable routing is pretty decent, but I could have done a better job with the right cables, that being said, the be quiet! Dark Power Pro is a lovely match for the matte black and glass finishes of this chassis.


I left the bottom bays in place and used a little of the room here for excess cable storage. If you wanted to, there are stick-on cable clips included in the box and you could route cables around the back to remove the excess, it’ll be time-consuming, but the visual payoff will be worth it. Our Crucial BX100 drive mounted on the front 2.5″ bay easily enough too and it’s a lovely spot for showing off your new SSD.


I cheekily used one of the cut-outs on the 2.5″ bay at the back as cable pass-through, which is fine, but there are other spots for this a little further along should you need them.


There’s a huge amount of clearance for our graphics card, despite the fact we’re using a massive Sapphire 270X Tri-X Toxic. There’s more than enough room in the front for a good depth radiator too, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting some high-end hardware installed here.


Now for the fun stuff, we’ve got all the panels back in place and powered up the system. Immediately you’ll notice that side lights up with the In Win logo behind the glass. I must admit that this looks absolutely stunning, it’s a far cry from the usual brand name on a sticker we often see on chassis’


The tempered glass does have a tint to it, but as soon as you power up any internal LED lighting, they shine through beautifully, as you can see from our graphics card, motherboard and the rear 120mm fan.


This is a great chassis for showing off your hardware and if you put a little care into planning your lighting scheme and colour coordination, it’ll pay off in a big way.


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  • sleazefrenzy says:

    I’d like this case but is the cooling sufficient? If I put a 280mm liquid cooler like the NZXT X61 in the front, would that be drawing in enough air from underneath for an overclocked i5?

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