Where Are the AMD Catalyst WHQL Driver Updates?

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AMD are NVIDIA’s major competitors, we all know that. Graphics cards sales, performance and price are just some of the factors between them, but one that probably gets overlooked a little more is the after sales; namely the drivers.

AMD do release new drivers, just last month saw the release of Catalyst 15.4 Beta ready for GTA V. However, that is just a beta driver and hasn’t been certified like the previous Omega 14.12 WHQL driver. This was released over 160 days ago, almost half a year; which could only mean bad things for AMD.

Take NVIDIA for example, we see WHQL drivers released on a much more regular basis under the ‘Game Ready’ initiative. The last drive was 350.12, optimised for GTA V back on April 13th; the most recent is the 352.86 driver, optimised for Witcher 3 released on May 18th. In the meantime, NVIDIA release interim patches for drivers, but you can definitely see a stark contrast between the support from AMD to NVIDIA.

Even though AMD are set to release a ‘Titan X’ killer towards the end of June, we are unlikely set to see a new driver emerge in the upcoming weeks; that could mean a driver delay of around 200 days. The performance is one thing, having regular updates to ensure it still has the performance in newer games is another.

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5 Comments on Where Are the AMD Catalyst WHQL Driver Updates?

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    Are you serious? Bad things for AMD? Show me an article talking about problems from the last BETA driver. A driver is measured by it’s stability not by the title. Is the driver stable? Then who cares if Microsoft tested it? It’s an AMD driver for AMD products.

    AMD hardware is based on GCN for years with a few changes. Probably they don’t need to keep updating drivers every time a game comes out. On the other hand Nvidia brings out a new driver for every new AAA title. While this is good, it also shows that their hardware needs special optimization for every new game. The performance problems on Kepler cards in the newest titles like Witcher 3 also show that when Nvidia stops optimizing for an architecture, that architecture is doomed to have probelms performing in newer titles. With AMD cards performing more frequently better than 700 series cards and losing only compared to the latest 900 series, this is almost obvious.

    Don’t copy editorials from TPU if you have NO idea about what they are talking about, or at least see the comments under the first post and see how many had reasonable reasons to call that editorial false and biased.

  • Avatar Filip Pešić says:

    Well, 14.12 is great in every game for me, and 15.4 is absolute shit, the most unstable driver I ever tried. I had artifacts in almost every game, in GTA V specially. I though my card died.
    Then I re-install Windows and install 14.12 and everything is amazing.
    I’m playing Witcher 3 on almost maxed out.
    Vsync – Off
    No FPS limit

    Motion Blur – Off
    Sharpening – Off
    Nvidia Hair(not)Works – Off
    Ambient Occlusion – SSAO
    DOF – Off
    Number of background characters – High
    Shadows – High
    Foliage distance visibility – High
    All else is on Ultra or On.
    I get about 40-50 average with low about 35-37ish.

    Asus P67
    i7 3770K @ stock
    Asus 280X TOP – flashed with DC2 bios – 1000/1500MHz
    8GB 1600MHz RAM Kingston

    • Avatar 12John34 says:

      flashed with DC2 bios – 1000/1500MHz

      Probably your overclock was the problem. Not all drivers oc the same. Or maybe the BIOS?
      Didn’t spotted problems with my 7850 and the beta driver.

      • Avatar Filip Pešić says:

        Hah, it wasn’t my OC it was Asus’s. It’s the TOP version and I can’t lower the clock is AMD Catalyst cause ASUS locked the TOP version’s BIOS. After flashing the card is 99% stable.
        The problem was mate.. That I had artifacts in every game, even in CS GO and Dota with TOP BIOS. Now it’s perfect, no problems whatsoever. I’m even playin’ Witcher 3 with HairWorks, just to try it out with AMD’s recommendation with Tessellation to Override App settings and set it to x8.
        I had 19fps with HairWorks before that, now I have 30ish to 40ish fps. All other settings are the same.

        Sorry if I confused ya there, just tryin’ to explain myself as clear as possible, but English is not my primary language so, sorry for any confusion, if I made one.

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