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I’ve been spending a lot more time recently tinkering with things from the world of mobile, the latest item in this adventure is the Mobi Mobile Speaker from Wavemaster, a compact and highly portable audio solution that connects to your mobile device, so you can enjoy your audio in all its glory, but it is rather small, so is it any good?

Wavemaster have been putting out some interesting products recently but this is the first mobile specific product of theirs that I’ve seen so far. There is no doubt in my mind that you’re not exactly stuck for choice when it comes to mobile peripherals and audio, every company you can think of seems to have a speaker or similar device available and it’s getting harder and harder to pick the good from the bad. Thanks to many advancements in this area over the last few years, the bulk of mobile audio products I’ve seen have been typically good, it’s fierce market ever since the iCraze kicked off and this much was obvious to eTeknix when we attended CES, it seemed like half the show was mobile related products, a large portion of that focused on audio alone.

More and more people are listening to their music on the go, demand for quality headphones has spiked as a result, yet every now and then you want to take out the headphones and maybe even share your listening experience. It’s not like you can carry you home entertainment system with you everywhere you go and that’s exactly where solutions like this come into play. What I want to find out however is just how much sound performance can you actually fit into your pocket?

Priced at £19.99 it’s not exactly loose change, but it is one of the cheaper solutions on the market, lets take a closer look at the Mobi and see exactly what Wavemaster have to offer to the world of mobile audio.


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