Warner Bros and Intel Sue Creators of 4K Copy Protection Stripper

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Warner Bros. and Intel subsidiary Digital Content Protection have filed a lawsuit against LegendSky, the creator of the HDFury series of devices that can be used to bypass HDCP 2.2 copy protection on 4K video content.


4K video content flooded torrent sites at the end of November last year, indicating that the copy protection on these materials – in this case, primarily ripped from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – had been cracked. The lawsuit filed by Warner Bros. and Digital Content Protection indicates that HDFury gear could have been responsible for obtaining this 4K content. The two plaintiffs accuse LegendSky of being in breach of DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions and enabling copyright infringement.

“The HDFury Devices harm copyright owners like Warner Bros. because they enable Digital Content to be displayed without the protections of HDCP, thereby enabling users to access copyrighted works, make and/or distribute copies of copyrighted works […] all without the permission of the copyright owner,” Warner Bros.’ complaint, courtesy of TorrentFreak, reads. “The HDFury Devices harm DCP because, among other things, they undermine the effectiveness of HDCP, lower the value of HDCP, and thereby jeopardize DCP’s ability to license HDCP to Digital Device manufacturers and Digital Content owners.”

Warner Bros. recently announced its new line of Ultra-HD Blu-Ray releases.

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4 Comments on Warner Bros and Intel Sue Creators of 4K Copy Protection Stripper

  • Avatar Scion says:

    Close one door and another two will open… when will these 20th century companies realise this?

  • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

    “Could be responsible” is too loose a basis for the lawsuit. That’s as bad as cops saying, “he fit the description.”

  • Avatar Milen Georgiev says:

    Big companies stopping progress since… ever…

  • Avatar Eoin Mc Namara says:

    Any lawyer worth their salts will win this case, as the official complaint states that HDFury is “directly responsible” for leaked/uploaded 4K content.
    We all know how many more methods there are out there.

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