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Google Glass Banned in UK Cinemas Due to Piracy Fears

It was just one week ago when Google Glass was opened up to UK residents, and it didn’t take long before there was a bit of fallout regarding the popular wearable. Due to increased concern of…


BT Apologizes For Broadband Downtime, Says Problem Resolved

BT apologized to subscribers for a weekend broadband problem that prevented users from accessing Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and other popular websites on Saturday morning. BT has 7 million customers, but it’s unknown how many customers were…


BlackBerry CEO John Chen Takes a Jab at Samsung Android Mobile Security

BlackBerry CEO John Chen applauded Google for its efforts to increase Android mobile operating system security, but also took the time to throw a few jabs at Samsung. Android, which is the most popular mobile phone…


HondaJet Reaches Major Milestone, Takes to the Skies For the First Time

Honda successfully tested the company’s first business jet, flying near the Honda Aircraft headquarters located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The aircraft flew for 84 minutes after taking off from Piedmont Triad International Airport – and has…


NASA’s New Horizons Ready to Transmit Message to Aliens, Anyone Else Listening

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has a message for aliens and anyone else listening, which will be transmitted when the aircraft exits the Earth’s solar system. The digital message is only 100MB and is designed to last…


California Gov. Brown Signs Bill Legalizing Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed bill AB 129 into law, which legalizes Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies inside of California. Legally, the State of California had legislation that didn’t make it legal to use “anything…


Cost of Electric Vehicles in UK Rising, Due to Subsidies Ending

The end of UK government subsidies will likely make it more expensive to drive an electric car than driving a traditional petrol-powered vehicle. The installation and maintenance of electric chargers, which was overseen by the Department…


Mozilla Offers Up Firefox Support For Virtual Reality

The rising interest in virtual reality has led developers over at Mozilla, makers of the Firefox Web browser, to begin testing VR interfaces for Firefox. It’s a strong move by Firefox to prepare for what is…


Study Reveals British Young People Want Online Content For Free

Around half of children and teenagers in the UK believe content should be available online for free, a report from YouGov claims. As part of the survey from YouGov, 49 percent of residents from 8 to…


Online News Consumption Tops Newspapers in UK, Ofcom Survey Says

Of the 95 percent of adults in the UK that follow the news, 41 percent say they use the Internet or mobile apps, according to a research study published by Ofcom.  That tops newspaper readers by…


Insider Threats Major Concern For Companies, Infosecurity Europe Survey Finds

Insider threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) were listed as the top threats facing companies, despite increasing cyberattacks from outside criminals, according to a survey taken during Infosecurity Europe. Companies are being more open about malware…


KlearGear Ordered to Pay £180,000 to Customers That Posted Negative Review Online

John and Jen Palmer were awarded $306,750 (£180,122) by Judge Dee Benson in the U.S. District Court in Utah, following a legal case that stemmed from a bad review posted on The couple criticized KlearGear’s…


Lenovo’s Server Purchase of IBM in Limbo Due to Security Concerns

The U.S. government is studying the proposed sale of IBM’s low-end server offer to Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo, concerned of possible national security problems. Earlier in the year, both companies announced the $1.75B (£1.03B) deal, but…


LG Shows Off G Watch, a Google Android Wear Smartwatch

The first Google Android Wear-powered smartwatch to be released will be the LG G Watch, and indicates the South Korean electronics company is ready to throw down in a competitive market. The LG G Watch has…


Razer’s Android TV-Powered Device Expected in Fall 2014

Gaming peripheral company Razer continues to expand its product line, and announced plans to develop a micro-console using the Google Android TV operating system.  The connected entertainment device will be geared towards gamers, and with Android TV’s…


Google Rolls Out Android TV, Ready to Compete With Rivals

After months of speculation and rumors, Google publicly announced the Android TV, a custom service that will help provide viewers with recommendations on what you might like to watch. Users will be able to control Android…


Luuuk Banking Fraud Compromising Mobile Bank Users

More than 190 customers of a European bank were reportedly robbed of £400,000, with most customers located in Italy and Turkey, according to Kaspersky Lab. The code-named Luuuk operation utilized a Trojan program that was able…


Andy Coulson Found Guilty of Hacking Phones; Rebekah Brooks Acquitted

Former News of the World tabloid editor Andy Coulson was found guilty on one charge of conspiring to hack phones, accused of simply entering in passwords on mobile phones to listen to voice messages  The charge…


McAfee Says Mobile Malware Threats on the Rise in 2014

Cybercriminals are finding great success using mobile malware to compromise features and vulnerabilities of legitimate apps and services, according to the McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2014. Much of the attention focuses on the Google Android…


Kaspersky Lab Detects New Mobile Malware Targeting Google Android, Apple iOS Devices

New malware created by the HackingTeam is targeting mobile devices powered by Apple iOS and Google Android, as security companies largely struggle to keep up, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab. The use of ‘Remote Control…


At Least Half of UK Game Studios Have Four or Less Employees

    The video game industry is currently changing in the UK, and 59 percent of UK studios have a full-time staff of four employees or less, according to the UK independent games trade group. It’s…