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Hacking Group Installs Linux Onto Potato

We’ve all heard the joke of people running games on “toasters” and “potatoes” when they load slowly into a match, but is it actually possible to run a PC directly from a potato? A few hackers…


Temple Run Based Film Announced For Production

We’ve all heard of adaptations of films into games and quite often the other way around, think of the Saw films or even the Harry Potter series, but the common denominator with these is that they…


Part Of The Internet Archive Burns Down

The internet archive, an impressively huge data center that holds every webpage created and indexed on archive servers and runs completely non-profit, partially caught fire on November 6th. The archive center has a total of 30…


Kim Dotcom Reaches #1 On The Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaderboard

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now shutdown Megaupload (MU), has hit the top of the Call of Duty leader board for the second time. Previously when the third edition of Activision’s Modern Warfare series was…


Nokia Lumia 800 Survives A 3 Month Long Bath In Swedish Lake

We’ve all heard the joke online at some point that getting hit by the indestructible Nokia 3310’s will do some serious damage, but in the recent technological surge of smartphones that myth was busted by the…


iPad Air Sales Are Nearly 5 Times That Of The iPad 4

It was recently announced that Apple was anticipating a very successful launch of their “new” tablet: The Apple iPad Air. Despite whether or not you think that Apple’s technology has really improved or differed from their…


Twitter: Still Losing Money And Starting To Get Desperate

After news leaked that Twitter still isn’t profitable, the radical changes we’ve seen to their interface have started to make sense when you look at it from a business perspective. Twitter has been rapidly growing as…


October 29th – Happy birthday Internet!

October the 29th marks the 44th anniversary of the revolutionary idea that has changed the tides of technological history: the Internet. Before 1969 the radical idea of sending data from one system to another was nothing…


Is Google Preparing For Mass Production of Their Smartwatches?

If you follow tech news you would have known that Google’s new software Google Now is due for an appearance in the general consumer market any time soon. From features such as real-time updates on train…


Wikipedia Announces Only 10% Of Their Top Editors Are Female

One of the lesser known problems that have recently come to light is that of Wikipedia, one of the largest websites in the world. If you’re just an average user in that you simply uses Wikipedia…


New App “Seene” Lets You Capture 3D Images With Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone 4S or higher, you can now create 3D photos straight from your phone! An amazing new app called Seene, available for free download on the App Store, allows you to capture…


Google Redesigns reCaptcha To Make Them Easier For Humans To Read

Over the past few years that you’ve completing reCaptchas to sign up to websites, complete orders and a few other things, how many times have you had to squint just to try and work out what…


YouTube’s New Subscription Based Music Streaming Service Rumours

Since the birth of the website, YouTube has primarily been used as a music streaming service without directly being a music service. Artists saw the popularity of YouTube rising and began releasing their music videos onto…


New Laws For UK Mobile Contracts Allow You To Cancel If Prices Are Increased

For years, people around the UK have suffered whenever phone companies felt the urge to increase the prices of their mobile contracts. Quite often a small clause within the depths of the contract ties you into…