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Tourists Will Be Able to Use Fingerprints as Currency in Japan

It’s not always a good idea to carry a lot of cash on you when you’re going on trips, which is why credit cards are usually much more appealing. However, Japan is looking to take things…


Diablo II Being Remade as a Mod for Starcraft II

Diablo III has its good and bad sides, but it definitely doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as its predecessor, Diablo II, which was released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2000 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Diablo…


Car Makers Warn US Over Rules for Self-Driving Tech

It looks like car makers are not exactly pleased with the pace used by US officials to craft regulations regarding self-driving technologies. Usually, manufacturers would be pleased with regulations being released as swiftly as possible, but this…


Astronomers Uncover a Supermassive Black Hole in a Small Galaxy Group

Black holes are incredibly mysterious and fascinating, don’t you agree? Some of them are incredibly large, so large in fact that we can’t really wrap our minds around their massiveness, especially when we hear that they are…


Free-To-Play Online Game Nosgoth Has Been Cancelled

The Legacy of Kain franchise has been largely ignored by developers over the last few years, but some fans were appeased by the idea that a free-to-play spin-off was in the works. Named Nosgoth, this was a…


RIOTORO Launches CR1080 ATX PC Chassis

California-based company RIOTORO has just revealed its brand new ATX PC chassis named CR1080. What’s interesting about this particular chassis apart from its simple yet modern looks is the fact that it comes with an inverted…

Ad Blocking


Publishers Issue a C&D Letter for Brave’s Ad-Blocking Browser

Ad blocking is causing some controversy once again it seems, this time thanks to Brave’s ad-blocking browser. Just in case you’re not familiar with this browser, you should know that it takes a slightly different approach…


Fan Wants to Remake Tomb Raider 2 in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is incredibly versatile and arguably quite easy to work with, which is why more and more fans are starting off their own gaming projects based on its tools. We’ve seen our fair share…


The DOOM Multiplayer Open Beta Will Start Soon

DOOM recently went through a closed beta phase that lasted from March 31 to April 3, and since the game’s official launch date of May 13 is rapidly approaching, id Software is making preparations for the…

Quantum Break


Not Logged into Windows Store? Quantum Break Thinks You’re a Pirate!

Quantum Break was recently launched on the PC, and even though some people are reporting horrible FPS issues even on high-end hardware, we’re not going to focus on the game’s performance right now but rather on…


This Xiaomi Toy Tablet Turns into a Transformer

I don’t know about you but Soundwave is one of my favorite Decepticons, and that’s mainly because he can transform into a microcassette recorder of all things. It looks like Xiaomi and Hasbro also have some love…


Razer Reveals Updated Hammerhead In-Ear Headsets

Razer has decided to update its Hammerhead Pro V2 headset and Razer Hammerhead V2 in-ear headphones, which are some of the brand’s most appreciated accessories. Both of these products now feature an improved chassis, which was CNC…


Drones Will Deliver Medical Aid in Rwanda This Summer

It’s pretty great to see drones being used for humanitarian aid, especially when this aid concerns developing nations such as Rwanda. A startup named Zipline has recently signed a contract with Rwanda’s government in order to…


Facebook Tool Allows the Blind to Make Sense of News Feed Photos

Facebook has come up with a way to help blind English-speaking users understand what kind of images appear in their News Feeds. The tool is called “Automatic Alternative Text,” and it basically provides a simple description of…


This GTA V Mod Lets You Become The Flash

Grand Theft Auto V is definitely one of the most popular games when it comes to modding, and there are quite a few mods out there to choose from, some of which improve the game’s graphics…


This Aliens: Colonial Marines Mod Improves AI and Graphics

When developers manage to release somewhat disappointing games such as Aliens: Colonial Marines, it falls to the modding community to fix certain annoying flaws. We’re not talking strictly about graphics-related issues here, even though they could certainly…


Component Shortage Causes Delayed Deliveries for Some Oculus Rift Headsets

Those of you who are waiting for the delivery of your Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets might be a bit disappointed to hear that an unexpected component shortage is currently responsible for a series of delays. Even…


ASRock Reveals Z170M OC Formula Motherboard

ASRock has revealed a nice-looking micro-ATX variant of its flagship socket LGA1151 motherboard, namely the Z170M OC Formula, which features some rather impressive overclocking features. The first thing you might notice when you have a look at this…


FBI’s iPhone Breaking Trick Might Leak Soon

Everyone’s already aware that the FBI has recently closed its court case against Apple because they figured how to break into the locked iPhone with the help of an undisclosed party. However, even though the FBI is trying…


Google, Microsoft and Apple Support EPA’s Emissions Strategy

Just in case you’re not already aware, the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency are currently struggling to fulfil Obama’s promise of reducing the USA’s carbon emissions by 32 percent by 2030. Even though the initiative…


Next Blue Origin Rocket Will Carry Two Microgravity Experiments

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company is planning to launch yet another round-trip rocket, but this time, it looks like the rocket will include a little something extra on board, namely a pair of microgravity experiments. It makes…