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The hashtag has been banned in France

The hashtag really hit mainstream with Twitter, but in France, it looks like it’s about to be put six-feet under. The French government want to preserve their language by changing the settled will of the online…


Lost creator J.J. Abrams to direct the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII

J.J. Abrams is known for many things, mainly Lost, but he also directed the Star Trek reboot, and the new Star Trek: Into Darkness coming out later this year. He’s set to direct another old franchise,…


Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit gets sold to Belkin, includes Linksys

Belkin have laid out plans to acquire Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit, which will include Linksys and all of their products and employees. Belkin will continue to maintain the Linksys brand and will honour any warranties…


Google dominate the mobile apps market in the US

Another win for Google today, with the latest data from comScore showing that they have incredible power in the mobile apps market in the United States. Out of the top 10 mobile apps in the US,…


Google rumoured to release ‘X Phone’ in May, would be an incredible smartphone

While Apple are talking about their financial earnings in the past 24 hours, rumours are now bursting out of the gates of the Internet that Mountain View-based search giant, Google, are to unveil their ‘X Phone’…


Intel engineering sample lands on eBay, seller claims it’s either Ivy Bridge EP or Haswell EP

If you’re like me, then since you were young (hey, I’m 29) you’ve always dreamed of owning an Intel engineering sample CPU. Anything with “INTEL CONFIDENTIAL” on it gets your blood pumping and makes your eyes…


Microsoft rumored to pour billions into Dell buyout plans

It looks like Microsoft are looking to invest into the Dell buyout talks, with the latest rumors teasing that Microsoft could spend anywhere between $1 billion and $3 billion in a leveraged buyout of the US-based…


The documentary on The Pirate Bay, TPB AFK, will be released on Feb 8 for free

Ah, free – nothing beats it, and in this piracy-laden world, did you expect anymore from the documentary on The Pirate Bay? The documentary was directed by Simon Klose, and is called TPB AFK. [youtube][/youtube] TPB…


Leaked shots of a purported iPhone 5S surface

The iPhone 5 came out and, I don’t know if it’s just me, but didn’t make a huge splash. Yes sale numbers are rumoured to be at around 45 million this quarter alone, but it seems…


Spotify’s latest numbers – 5 million subscribers, 1 million in the US alone

I’m a huge fan of Spotify and use it on the daily – the beauty of it is that I can use it on my Mac, Windows PC, Android device or iOS device. I can do…


Nintendo Wii U to get Google Maps, get your GamePad controller ready for Street View

Google Maps pretty much dominates the mobile and PC markets, but what about consoles? Well, Nintendo’s next-gen Wii U console is about to get a taste of the Maps application next month. Google Maps for the…


Crysis 3 will launch with high-res textures and more

When Crysis 2 launched, PC gamers were pissed off – Crytek’s CEO promised they’d pushed boundaries, but the game launched without DX11, or high-resolution textures. It took months for the patch to be released, and even…


iPhone 5 pre-orders reach 100,000 with China Unicom

China’s second largest wireless carrier, China Unicom, began accepting pre-orders on Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 5, on Monday. The phone will be officially released on December 14, with early pre-order numbers looking quite…


Wii U day-one updates won’t be baked into factory consoles until next year

Wii U owners should know the pain of day-one updates by now with their fresh next-gen console, but it looks like Nintendo won’t be baking the updates into brand new consoles until next year. Nintendo of…


Apple may partner up with TSMC for A-series production, bye-bye Samsung

Apple and Samsung have a glorious relationship – on one hand, they’re sleeping together over the production of Apple’s A-series of processors, used in virtually every iDevice out there – and on the other hand, they…


Microsoft sells 40 million copies of Windows 8 – takes just 30 days

We know that Windows 8 has been a success so far – but just how many copies have Microsoft sold of the new touch- and tile-based OS so far? Well, in the thirty days since its…


Microsoft rumoured to be working on their own smartphone

We’ve seen the Redmond-based OS giant launch their Surface tablet, and now there’s rumours that they are working on their own smartphone. The news comes from a report from the Wall Street Journal, which says that…


id Software throws Doom 3 BFG Edition source code on GitHub – go mod community, go

Ah, id Software – you used to be oh-so-relevant back in the day with the original graphics engines you created – and we can’t forget the first couple of Doom’s, or the first three Quake’s now,…


Gangnam Style breaks YouTube records, is nearing 1 billion views

I’m sure by now you’ve heard internet sensation Gangnam Style by South Korean k-pop star, Psy. Well, his megahit “Gangnam Style” has now become the most-watched YouTube video of all time, with over (at the time…


Microsoft feels festive, kinda, accidentally gives out free Windows 8 keys to pirates

Windows 8 leaked two months before its October 26 release, back in August, and pirates have been trying their best to get around Microsoft’s activation technology ever since. Early attempts at this involved third-party Key Management…


Spotify begins the rollout of their browser-based music app beta

Spotify – I love thee. But it looks like the streaming and music discovery service is about to find a new home: your web browser. The Verge is reporting from “sources close to the company” that…