US Pushing For Car-to-Car Communication

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The US Department of Transport is very keen on introducing car-to-car communication technology to America’s highways, with DoT Secretary Anthony Foxx revealing legislation that will make vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications compulsory in new cars, accelerating the previously planned timetable. Foxx made the announcement during a speech at Beyond Traffic 2015, in partnership with Delphi Automotive.

V2V technology is designed to reduce road traffic accidents by ensuring that vehicles are constantly in contact with each other, pre-emptively warning of close proximities, and even giving the vehicle some automated control to take evasive action.

Foxx outlined the following plans for V2V:

First, I have directed the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to accelerate the timetable for its proposal to require vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology in new vehicles.

Second, we’re committing to rapid testing that would ensure life-saving V2V transmissions aren’t obstructed by radio interference. We stand ready to complete this testing, which many in Congress, the FCC, and industry are eager to complete within 12 months of receiving production-ready devices to test.  Combined, these two commitments will accelerate the introduction of V2V and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems, which are key components of the connected, automated future. 

Third, I’ve asked NHTSA to begin work aimed at ensuring our regulatory framework encourages the deployment of innovations demonstrated to increase traffic safety.

Delphi Automotive tested the technology back in April, during a 3,400 mile journey from California to New York that took place entirely in fully automated mode. A Delphi spokesperson said, “Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication are key to achieving Delphi’s vision of zero fatalities, zero accidents and zero injuries on the world’s roadways.”

Thank you United States Department of Transportation for providing us with this information.

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