UPS Now Delivering $400,000 Drones

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Ever fancied having your very own UAV to spy on those pesky neighbours or the psychotic other half that has been stalking you for the last 6 months? Well fear not as it appears UPS are delivering drones to your door – even if it’s not yours. OK so this is a one-off occurrence (at least we hope it is) as Reddit user Seventy_Seven took to the Internet to show the $400,000 delivery that UPS left him with, even though he didn’t order it and it’s not even his!

According to Gizmodo and Reddit where the new ‘owner’ posted his surprise, the drone had been in storage for quite some time and even though he contacted UPS to imform them that some huge mistake had been made, they were happy enough for him to keep hold of it.

OP here, just called UPS. They told me that it was one of the undelivered packages in their office, and asked if I’ve ever had an undelivered package. I said no, but he insisted that it was mine, and said that it was up to me if I want to keep it or not.

Even though he did get this rather expensive delivery, the contents of this package are not a whole lot of use to him as the is a second box needed to make up the drone. Reddit users have been quick to respond to the users original post telling him that keeping hold of the drone is a Federal Offence and whilst I can see where they are coming from, the OP’s following statement does show that he is content on getting the matter sorted out and the delivery sent back to its rightful owner at the NOAA.


For all of those saying things along the lines of “It’s a federal offence to open someone else’s mail,” I should mention that the label on the exterior was addressed to me. Nothing on the outside of the crate said it was government property. I had ordered a weightlifting bench (which I received) and this came with it. Both boxes had UPS labels with my name and address. Though an odd box, I genuinely thought it was parts for the bench I ordered, since I wasn’t expecting a freaking drone.

Once complete and ready for flight, the PUMA drone has a range of 22km and around 2 hours of flight from a single charge of the batteries. Encased within the drone is a gyro stabilised high-definition thermal camera and is controlled from a remote console that is described as being similar to a WiiU remote.


Mistake or not this is high up on the fail list that we have from various couriers and fortunately it did fall into the hands of someone who understood what it was. Although the drone is not complete and would require a second case with additional parts to build, should it have fallen into the wrong hands then the possibilities of consequences may have been much different.

Source: Gizmodo

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