Updated Nvidia GTX 650Ti Specifications Confirmed

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We brought you the first news of the emergence of the HD 7790, the HD 7790’s specifications and performance, news about the possibility of an updated GTX 650Ti from Nvidia and now we have more updated details about the GTX 650Ti which elaborate more on previously sketchy areas.

According to BSN, Nvidia knows it needs to respond to the fact AMD’s $149-169 HD 7790 will outperform its current GTX 650Ti which costs around $169. Consequently, Nvidia is not going to just sit around and watch itself being made uncompetitive at certain price points in the market. In our previous article we speculated on the possibility of clock speeds being raised to support this increased performance that is needed and it seems that assumption was correct. Although there is indeed a lot more to it than previously thought.

Nvidia will be taking the GTX 650Ti and creating a second more powerful skew called the GTX 650Ti Boost, which ironically has a codename of the GTX 655 but won’t actually be called that in the retail channel. As expected the GPU die remains physically the same, it is still based of GK106 and it still features 768 CUDA cores. However, the fundamental difference is Nvidia has shifted the base clock to 980MHz, up from 928MHz on the current model, and Nvidia has added GPU boost technology supporting further dynamic overclocking up to 1030MHz. That is not all, it is also believed Nvidia will raise the memory from a 128bit interface to a 192bit interface and will increase the memory frequency from 5.4GHz effective to 6GHz effective. Those two memory changes combined shift memory bandwidth up from 86.4 GB/s to 140.63GB/s.


Examining where this GTX 650Ti boost will fit in was shown nicely by BSN who used 3DMark’s to demonstrate that the GTX 650Ti currently scores 2200 marks and the GTX 660 scores 4100 marks which is the large gap that the HD 7790 will exploit. If Nvidia can raise performance by about 30% they can then put a product in the middle of this gap.

It is also reported that Nvidia partners aren’t happy because they now have a stack-load of GTX 660 and GTX 650Ti GPUs that are put under threat by this new middle GPU. It is reported Nvidia is recommending the use of a reference GTX 660 PCB with this new GTX 650Ti boost graphics card.


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