Unmaned Jets to be Backed by “Arsenal Planes”

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Arsenal Planes

Technology changes, every day it shifts and moves. A major area for technological advancement is the military. Companies and governments pay billions to advance technology in everything from bulletproof walls to injectable sponges. One of the areas for advancement is drones or unmanned aircraft. The problem is that these craft need to not only be smarter but also built for stealth, something strapping a few weapons to them doesn’t help with. The proposed solution, back up the stealthy ones with the big guns mounted to an ‘arsenal plane’.

Traditional unmanned planes can only equip a few weapons, the problem being that they just become too big and end up drawing too much attention on radar. The solution proposed by the Defence Department budget, is that they would instead have an arsenal plane behind the stealth jet.

Described as “a flying launch for all sorts of different conventional payloads. In practice, the arsenal plane will function as a very large airborne magazine, networked to 5th-generation aircraft that act as forward sensor and targeting nodes”. While not a new idea the concept of a small jet being the precursor to a giant multi-purpose airstrike is certainly a frightful one.

With the reuse of old craft to save on costs, the issue of strapping a lot of explosives to an outdated model surely raises some heath and safety questions.

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1 Comment on Unmaned Jets to be Backed by “Arsenal Planes”

  • Avatar Rod O'Neal says:

    I read a number of years ago (10+) they were planning/building B1’s (high speed Mach 2+ versions) to act as “magazines” for 5th gen fighters like the F22. They would stand off at a safe distance from the combat and their weapons would be launched by the F22’s. If the enemy broke through the fighters to attack them they were fast enough to escape.

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