Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs Released

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The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has announced that Ultra HD Blu-ray is ready, completing the specifications and releasing new logo (above). The new 3,840×2160 resolution format is expected for consumer release later this year.

“For years, Blu-ray Disc has set the standard for high-definition picture and audio quality in the home. Ultra HD Blu-ray will do the same for UHD home entertainment,” Victor Matsuda, chairman of the BDA Promotions Committee, said. “The technical capabilities of Blu-ray Disc, in particular its significant storage capacity and high data transfer rates, will enable the delivery of an unparalleled, consistent and repeatable UHD experience.”


As well as 4K resolutions, Ultra HD Blu-ray boasts high dynamic range (HDR) – delivered using BD HDR or other supported HDR formats, such as Dolby Vision – high frame rate, a wider colour gamut, and object-based immersive sound. Ultra HD Blu-ray players will be backwards-compatible with standard Blu-ray discs, so there’s no need to replace your entire TV and movie library immediately.

The first Ultra HD Blu-ray licences are scheduled for this Summer, and in the meantime the BDA will be working with industry leaders to test the format, making it ready for market later in the year.

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2 Comments on Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs Released

  • Avatar Archie says:

    the only issue i can see is that they might be late to the party with the cheapness and ease of digital formats becoming more prominent.

    • Avatar mojo says:

      While partially true, there are a lot less people with the bandwidth to stream 4K effectively, as well as the differences in audio quality that are still present between BD and streamed content.

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