UK Retailer GAME Announces New Razer Partnership

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GAME have confirmed they will now be an official stockist of Razer products and renew their focus on PC peripherals. Previously, the store chain offered a very limited range of PC hardware and predominately showcased mice from Mad Catz in a secluded corner. Finally, GAME are starting to acknowledge the rapid growth of PC Gaming and realizing in an increasingly digital world that hardware is vital to their success.

According to the press release, this deal will result in:

“A host of new and exciting PC gaming accessories currently not widely available in the UK will be available in store and at”

So what can we expect to see on store shelves? GAME seems to be actively pursuing the Chroma/RGB market and believes the customization will prove to be extremely popular with enthusiasts. This means we should expect to see the Blackwidow Chroma, Firefly, Tartarus Chroma and more. Charlotte Knight, GAME Retail’s managing director said,

“This partnership is another great step towards ensuring that PC gamers are completely at the forefront of GAME’s customer proposition,”

“Razer is at the forefront of innovation in PC technology, so it’s going to really enhance the entire PC gaming experience.”

While this may be true, the pricing model from existing GAME products leaves a lot to be desired. The company is a brick and mortar store which means they have to pay fairly high rents and struggle to offer similar prices to popular online retailers. Furthermore, Razer are not synonymous with offering affordable peripherals so I’m unsure how well these will sell. One other interesting notion is GAME might allow for pre-owned accessories or trading in PC hardware towards other products. However, a lot depends on the trade-in rates which are traditionally very low.

Let us know your experience with Razer products and if you would recommend them.

Thank you MCV for providing us with this information.

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