UK Razerzone Store Honors 90% Off Coupon

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If you were to find a 90% off coupon for an online store, what would your first thought be? I would think it was a hoax.

A few days ago there was a code leaked for the UK RazerZone website, which allowed such a coupon. Once it came to the attention of Razer that there was a glitch within their online store they shut it down to investigate the issue. Upon inspection they found the code, and it was determined that the code was placed by the third-party when testing the shopping cart and features. The code was accidentally left in their system, and has since been removed, but not until they sold out of many products.

Any other online store would simply cancel all of the orders and apologize for the inconvenience. Not Razer! Even though they would have legally been able to cancel the orders, since the coupon code was unauthorized by Razer. Customers will be happy to hear though that because of Razers strict “Customers come first” policy they are allowing each customer who placed an order to purchase one product for their own personal use.

Razer has always had an issue with having enough of a product in stock, and with honoring this glitch, this will likely put larger delays. It may take weeks or even months to fulfill all of the orders, but if you ordered, you will receive your product! This will be a major loss to Razer, but they want to do right by their fans!

What would you order if you were able to get 90% off of any product from the Razer store? Personally, I would love to have the Razer Tiamat 7.1, though I like the BlackShark too.

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