Ubisoft’s Flashback Remake Now Available On PC And PSN.

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One of my all time to pten favourite games has just been given the make over of its life! I am of course talking about the 1992 side scrolling classic, Flashback. Not only did this game define a generation for me, it has long since had a place in my heart as one of the best action adventure games ever made. Sure by today’s standards is lacking a little, but it had a subtle narrative that was impressively well played out, 3D rendered cut-scenes and more, given I am talking about a game I played on the Mega Drive (SEGA Genesis), I still think it’s impressive to play.

Of course, that just doesn’t cut it these days, some people can’t see past the pixels, so Ubisoft have giving the game a new lease of life with a stunning high definition remake. It’s pretty true to the original too, with only some adjustments made for modern life, such as a level system, achievements and the usual nonsense. The biggest improvement is most certainly the graphics, because this game looks more stunning than ever before.


The game was released for PC digital download yesterday and is available on the PlayStation Network today for just £7.99, unless of course your on PS+you will even get a 20% discount. The game is also already available on Xbox Live.

While I normally detest HD make overs, as often they can spell doom and not be true to the original, Ubisoft actually have the original Core-Team revamp their own creation. However, if you’re somewhat of a purist, you can enjoy the original title, which will happily be included in the bundle for you to enjoy.

What are you waiting for, Conrad isn’t going to save humanity on his own you know!

Thank you Flashback for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Flashback.

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