uBeam Wireless Charging with a Difference

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We all know wireless charging is a new fad, put your phone down on a specific mat, tea coaster or part of a lamp and you get your phone charged without having the hassle of plugging it in. Well now it seems uBeam has changed the game.

Previously, wireless charging could only happen when the device was in direct contact or within a few centimeters of the charging device; normally a few pieces of paper were enough to block the signal. Well now, uBeam has designed a way to send wireless power at a distance of up to 15 feet, yes 15 feet!

The technology comes from ultrasound, this is similar to the ultrasound used to look inside people to find abnormalities or babies; so it is safe for humans to be around. It is still in early testing days, but the company has come a long way in a short space of time. It all started out with a massive phone case and a huge sender box; this has now been condensed down to a pretty average looking phone case and a sender that resembles a WiFi router.


Investors are throwing themselves at this project, wireless charging is the future without a doubt. It all started off with a small amount back when the company started out a few years back; then the ‘Series A’ reaped $10 million back in October. Despite how huge this could be, uBeam’s founder is not milking it just yet, with a Series B estimated to take $50 million, but with a valuation of $500 million depending on progress. So far, Starbucks is the only major player to make their name known for interest in the product, but rumours are pointing in the direction of many other companies looking to invest.

I’d be seriously interested in this technology, imagine walking around a shopping centre and having your phone charged for free. Although I bet this wouldn’t be for long, if it can be regulated like WiFi; there will soon be a price put on it.

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