TteSports By Thermaltake Show Off New Peripherals At CES 2014

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CES 2014, we are here at the TteSports by Thermaltake suite checking out their massive range of peripherals for both console and PC. There are many products on display that we’ve already reviewed here at eTeknix or that have been on the market for a while, along side many refreshes, updated and completely new products. As you can see above we have a range of TteSports products that have been given a new colour scheme for the Team DK pro gaming team, not sure I personally like the bright red and brilliant white style, but they certainly stand out.

Next up we have their colourful range of Theron mice, these look and feel great to use and I can see the choice of colours proving popular with gamers, although personally I still prefer the black one.


A wide choice of colours continues with their Saphira mouse, which many of you will know is the personal mouse of choice for famous gamer White Ra. Along side this we have their Galcru cable bungee.


Their Level 10M mouse has been out for some time now, but the latest refresh cuts the cable and takes the mouse in to the world of wireless. We really look forward to testing this one out later in the year as it will be great to see how well it performs now that is running on 5.8G wireless technology. It’s priced at $99.99 and comes with the added bonus of being able to run off a cable should you wish to recharge it while in use.


Next up we have the Onyx Black and the Volos. Both these mice offer some truly unique design features that stand out from the competition. They both look a little strange, but when you get hands on with them, they’re by far two of the best gaming mice on the market and we absolutely loved the high performance, feature packed Volos when we reviewed it a few months ago.


Those looking for something a little more mysterious can check out the Ventus gaming mouse which comes with a 5700 DPI sensor and a top panel mesh that looks similar to that of the Level 10M. Combine it with the Draconem surfact / cable bungee for maximum style and performance.


The Posidon Z range of keyboards immediately caught our eye, offering all of the high end features we’ve come to know and love from the TteSports keyboard range, and with a choice of back light, as well as the rainbow coloured keys on the model at the back left, mechanical keys and a very competitive price tag of just $79,99, these are going to prove very popular choices throughout 2014.


On display was the full gamut of TteSports headsets that are available on the market today and while we’ve revewied most of these already, there were a couple that really caught our attention.


First is the Verto, which is designed to be sleek, light weight and can fold flat for easy transportation. The cable is completely removable, it works with both PC and mobile devices, has an auto adjusting headband and an inline volume controller. The design isn’t our favourite, but from a practical aspect its a great headset and its very comfortable too. MSRP is to be $79.99.


Next up we have the Cronos Go, we thought the original Cronos was one of the best TteSports headsets on the market and its sound quality was superb, but the new Go looks even better thanks to its compact and very portable design, retractable microphone, compact control box and it only costs $49.99, this could easily be one of the most competitive headsets on the market for 2014.



That’s everything from TteSports at CES 2014 and its safe to say that they’ve got a great year ahead of them with some very exciting new products and revisions. We look forward to putting them all to the test in the coming weeks and months as each product hits the retail market, so stay tuned for more details as we get them.

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