TteSports Poseidon ZX Mechanical Keyboard Revealed

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TteSports already have a great lineup of gaming keyboards, and they’ve already proven a smash hit with the eSports and general gaming community. Now they’re looking to keep than trend going with the reveal of their new Poseidon ZX tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard.

The number pad has been removed to help make the keyboard more compact and portable. Being 80% the width of their regular full size keyboards, it’s much easier to transport in a backpack or LAN bag, perfect for those who tend to travel to eSports and LAN gaming events.

Packed with Tt certified blue switches, full LED backlighting, N-Key rollover via USB, windows disable key, media keys, brightness adjustment and plug-and-play, it should be perfect for meetings tournament regulations.

“Tt eSPORTS spent two years testing various mechanical switches with its engineers and professional gamers. And eventually, we found the right one- with White-Ra, Team DK, Prime Team, as well as our other sponsored teams, and our keyboard engineers all agreeing unanimously. The first keyboard to offer these switches in mechanical blue & brown switch options was the POSEIDON Z Illuminated, and now Tt eSPORTS brings it to consumers in the POSEIDON ZX. The POSEIDON ZX offers users a budget friendly full featured mechanical gaming keyboard that could both be the perfect choice for a first time mechanical keyboard user as well as a mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

The testing process for these mechanical switches was an arduous one, but these switches passed and we believe in them so much that Tt eSPORTS is now offering the world’s first 5 year warranty for a mechanical gaming keyboard across the whole POSEIDON Z line which features the Tt certified switches.”

The Poseidon ZX will be available in the US, Taiwan and China from next month, with more regions to follow in the very near future. Prices are expected to be in the region of $74.99.

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