TteSports Cronos PC Gaming Headset Review

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With the headset hooked up to the computer we get a stunning light show from the ear cups and the tip of the microphone boom. A bold red light shines through even in a bright room. Setup was super simple and while you can run these off a standard 3.5mm port like any set of headphone, hooking up the USB cable for extra power is what brings them to life, as well as use of the lighting and microphone features.


The first thing I noticed about this headset was the bass response, I was expecting this to be another bass heavy headset and it just isn’t, this is a very good thing indeed! Many people wrongly assume that heavy bass = good headset, but that is often far from the truth (although naturally everyone is entitled to their own preference of sound balance). The drivers here give an incredibly flat response and I absolutely love it. You can listen to old school metal and progressive rock (if that is your thing, it sure mine) the way it was mixed, without the bass drum thumping through, hearing all the lovely detail of the high and mid tones.

This carries over to gaming incredibly well and while it may not have that “thump” and “wow” that people typically steer toward for single player gaming, this is a competitive gaming headset at heart. Having the balance on the EQ means you can hear more detail, the tip tap of footsteps around you in game, what do you want more, the thunder of every gun shot shaking your teeth out or the ability to hear exactly where your enemies are coming from? Because the Cronos will only give you the latter.

Microphone performance is decent, nothing remarkable but nothing bad either and it is where I would expect it to be for a headset in this price range.

The drivers have another trick up their sleeve too, they handle EQ very well and while I only ran the EQ on Winamp for this test, I often find most headsets crumble in terms of sound quality at the slightest touch of EQ. I can get around -/+ 6db on most of the range here and that means you can still get the extra bass you may desire without loosing any sound quality. The drivers are distortion free all the way up to their maximum volume and the EQ still remains reliable even at low volumes.

Movie performance is decent too, dialogue is crystal clear and musical scores benefit from a wide stereo image.

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