Tt eSPORTS Chao Dracco Signature Headphones Review

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Now that we’ve had a good look at the headset, it’s time to put it to the test. Whilst this isn’t predominantly for gaming, we still decided to put it through the normal tests we do for headsets – minus the microphone testing of course. As usual, we’ll a hands on approach first followed by a line up of demanding audio tracks and movies to see if we can discover the limits of the Chao Dracco Signature headphones.

Getting our hands on the headphones, we found them to be fairly stiff due to the headband being very ridged, so it took a fair bit of tweaking to get them to the right fit. Even after adjusting the headband there was still an uncomfortable amount of pressure on our heads, which wasn’t helped by the small circular earcups. Given time however, the headband would become less rigid after a lot of use. The headphones were very light however, unlike a lot of others currently in the market. The locking 3.5mm jack was also useful as it kept the cable connected even after catching the wire under our office chair.


For this particular test we hooked the headphones up to our PC and our iPod using the 3.5mm jack, although it does come with a 6.2mm jack if we wanted to hook it up to more professional equipment, on top of a aeroplane adaptor. We queued many songs of varying genres to make sure the Draccos were well and truly tested, on top of an audio track solely designed to test headphones. We were fairly impressed with the audio quality that the Draccos produced with crisp mid and high notes, although they were definitely lacking bass for those tracks that relied heavily on it. The quality of the sound improved a bit after tweaking the EQ, yet it still sounded like something was lacking, or more importantly, something to set it apart from other headphones. The headphone testing track didn’t uncover any issues, which wasn’t surprising, as throughout the music we played, nothing stood out or sounded bad.


As with music, the headphones produced a decent quality sound that let us watch the films in great enjoyment, however, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the bass was slightly lacking when we watched Transformers 3. On top of that, the headphones are stereo only, so the full effects of surround sound could not be experienced. They did also get very uncomfortable during the long films, so we had to keep having short breaks to allow our ears to recover.


Whilst not specifically designed for gaming, we thought we’d just fire up a quick game of Battlefield 3 to see if were any good. They performed admirably, giving us some directional clues as to wear the enemy was and picked up many sounds from all over the battlefield, although yet again, the bass let this one down.

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3 Comments on Tt eSPORTS Chao Dracco Signature Headphones Review

  • Avatar Peter Donnell says:

    Whoah! they cost how much! Can’t say I’m taken by these, they look dreadful lol.

    Each to their own I guess :-p

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Maybe they’ll go down well in the sub continent. Atrocious looking monstrosities!

  • Avatar SpaceCowboy says:

    “could this be down to us possibly having a weird shaped head”
    are you bipolar? referring to multiple people but one head, might wanna get that one checked out budddy
    nice review by the way very thorough covered everything i wanted to know

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