Top Gear’s Clarkson to Be Fired, but the Show Will Go On

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It seems the time of the petrol powered dinosaur is coming to an end. I’m a big fan of Top Gear, I love watching the show and to me, it’s incredibly entertaining. However, even I can understand that people are getting a bit tired of Clarkson and his antics both inside and out of his on-screen appearances. Now, it seems that the BBC has had enough too and today marks the day of the BBCs final decision. With one top executive saying the allegations had to be “dealt with in a very serious way.”

Not only was Top Gear pulled from filming, leaving the season incomplete, the four Norway appearances of Top Gear Live were also postponed this week. Now according to sources close to The Telegraph, Clarkson is to be fired after the investigation. So where does that leave the show?

May and Hammond have stated they wouldn’t work without Clarkson, but I believe that was only in relation to matters at the start of these events, regarding the continued filming of the show to complete the season. They’ll no doubt save their final vote until the dust has settled, as the show will still need a replacement host before they know if they’ve still got a job to attend/refuse.

Rumours are suggesting that the BBC top brass are trying to win over Chris Evans, who has said he had no intentions of taking the job at Top Gear. However, it’s still early days and he may just be brushing off the press to avoid souring any potential deals or playing for a better offer.

It’ll be interesting to see how the BBC plays this out. Not only does Clarkson have those who want to see him gone, but also a large group who want to see him stay. Even Snoop Dog was quoted saying “The BBC got to be crazy to even think about firing Jeremy Clarkson” and “He isn’t part of Top Gear — he IS Top Gear”.

Will Clarkson and his co-hosts break off and do their own thing? It’s certainly likely, will Top Gear return to our screen in one form or another? Certainly, especially since the show rakes in £50m for the BBC each year!

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3 Comments on Top Gear’s Clarkson to Be Fired, but the Show Will Go On

  • Avatar Ravi Parekh says:

    Some people in important positions decide ‘I can do whatever I want’ and usually get away with it, but there are instances like Two and a Half Men and the firing of Charlie Sheen which destroyed that show. This is the equivalent, but arguably on a much bigger scale.

  • Avatar Weem says:

    I would just like to know what the hell happened there… Sheen was one thing, he was a known douchebag, but Clarkson? I mean, yeah, some of the stuff he said did hurt butthurt people that suffered from irony defficiency, but otherwise he was ok. All of a sudden a physical attack (probably a slap or something) and verbal abuse? What the hell?! If he had gone on a murderous rampage of cyclists, I’d be less surprised. Was he drunk or did someone close to him got into an accident or was he diagnosed with a terminal disease? WHAT THE HELL?! We know pretty much nothing, why can’t Jeremy and the producer just tell us what happened? Or better, why?

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