This Is The E3 Battlefield 4 Demo Rig

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DICE is not about to give away the hardcore specifications for this rig, unfortunately! But they haven’t been sneaky enough to share a little picture of one of the rigs that they will be using to power Battlefield 4 at next weeks E3 gaming event and you can bet your backside that it’s going to be one heck of a system as the developers will not want a single frame to be lost and naturally they’ll want all the graphics dialed up to 11.

All we can see in there is that it is clearly fitted with a pair of AMD cards and while we can’t tell which ones exactly you can bet they’re not cheap, there is even a chance they could be unreleased cards given the secrecy on the specifications.

Another tell tale sign of the performance in the Origin PC logo, who are well known in the industry for doing some power gaming builds for those with plenty of spare cash, so this could be one of their high end Millenium Pro rigs, or just a fancy custom order.

Keep in mind that when the Battlefield 4 single player demo was shown, the game was running at 3200 x 2000px resolutions downscaled to 1080p, a horsepower intensive trick that can do wonders for texture clarity and reductions in aliasing. This took a system that had four GPUs (2 x 7990’s) and 12GB of graphics memory (picture below) to keep the game at a solid 60fps. To be honest that was likely complete and utter overkill by an order of 4 but as I said above, they won’t want to miss a single spec of dust in terms of rendering quality and they’ve got to make it look its best, especially given final code is often far from optimised in terms of performance.


Image(s) courtesy of DSOgaming and bf4central

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