Thermaltake Urban S71 Chassis Review

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Thermaltake have another great entry to their chassis ranges with the S71 and I see great things for the Urban range should they chose to continue this product line. Personally I’m still not a fan of the overall style of the chassis, much like I didn’t like the looks of the S31 either, but even I have to admit it’s still a great chassis, style is such a subjective quality and I can see many people are going to absolutely love the design of the S71. The powder black paint job looks great and the slanted, sleek looking front panel make quite a statement that is both understated and loud at the same time.

Build quality is on par with the competition and while nothing about it leaps out as exception build quality, I can’t say I found any rough edges, loose panels or unnecesary rattles with any part of if thoughout my testing and it’s as good as you would want it to be for a product of this price.

I do have one issue with this chassis however, it’s very expensive for a full tower at £130 and while there are several other products on the market within this price range I can’t help but think that they offer more for your money than what you get with the S71. Yet it’s really down to what you want from your own build and if you love the style of the S71 and it has the features required for your build then there is next to nothing that will sway you from picking this chassis, yes it is expensive but it’s by no means a disapointment in terms of quality or investment, it would just be nice if it were a little cheaper, although that much can be said about a lot of products on the market.


  • High quality
  • Plenty of features
  • Great cable management
  • Robust cooling support


  • A little expensive
  • Style is a little over eclectic

eTeknix says: Thermaltake have made another premium and very high quality product with the S71, one that is well suited to those looking for a bold design to house a high performance, multi GPU system and while it may be a little expensive it does give a lot in return. I really do hope that Thermaltake continue to develop and grow their Urban chassis product range in the near future.

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