Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775W Power Supply Review

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If you’re anything like me, when you build a computer or at least get to the planning stage, I end up making a check list so that I know I haven’t missed anything out for one, and so that I know compatibility also isn’t going to be an issue. It acts as a guide that you can always refer back to and follow, and I bet other computer enthusiasts do the same as well as the novice user.

Once you’ve started building up your shopping list of components and have shopped around for the best possible prices, you come to the power aspect of it all, and with so much choice in the market, how do you know which power supply to go for? You could get a 500watt or a 750watt or even a hefty 1200watt, but once you’ve decided on the power output, you then have to decide if you’re going to get a Corsair or an XFX or even the likes of a QTEC. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to decide on exactly what to get to make sure you go for a decent brand?

Well it’s time we let you in on a little secret. There is a way of determining exactly what you need to power your system and it really is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is find out exactly how much power your new system is going to need which from a quick search on the internet, you’ll find all of the component’s recommended power usage figures.

Once you’ve done all that and worked out exactly what the total is, you then need to decide on a brand. All we can really advise you on this, is to buy a brand you can trust. There are so many companies offering up power supplies these days to try and make a quick buck but only the select few have lasted the test of time. These include manufacturer’s that you are sure to have heard of before including Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Thermaltake and XFX to name but a few. All of these are respected companies who offer reliable products, as well as good customer service and warranty period’s to match. The cheaper brands such as QTEC are prone to failing and also have the fear of taking the rest of your system out when they do.

Thermaltake have always been regarded as a leading manufacturer for reliable products and are a market leader for making stylish products with an attractive price tag whilst still offering fantastic performance with excellent durability.

Thermaltake’s power supplies are no exception to this rule, but you have to disregard any bad press that you’ve heard in the past. The main reason for this, is that when Thermaltake first introduced power supplies to its product catalogue, they weren’t any good in all honestly but after a trip back to the drawing board and some well thought out decisions, they came back fighting and are now treated as having some of the best power supplies on the market.

Due to this fact, we can only hold high hopes for the ToughPower XT 775 watt power supply.

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