Thermaltake Show Off Digital Power Supplies at CES 2014

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CES 2014: As we started the week at CES 2014, we made sure our first port of call was the Thermaltake suite at the Palazzo in Las Vegas and one key highlighted product focus was their latest digital power supplies, and while they may be a bit late to the party, they have been busy perfecting the digital aspect of the units, when it comes to the software side of things to allow consumers to measure every aspect of their power supply including relevant costings and voltages.


Of course, the DPS range of PSUs will come in various wattages, ranging from 750W upwards, with the 850W and 1050W taking center stage in their suite.


In addition, Thermaltake had the Platinum 1250W on show, built into a high-end system, showcasing the white styling that matches with a wide variety of chassis also made by the manufacturer.


Software wise, they had the system hooked up to show how it calculates electricity cost, temperature, voltages and much more. Other features included report functions and the ability to share your system results with friends with a click of a button.


As well as their digital power supply range, Thermaltake were also keen to show off their other products including the Toughpower Grand 850W fully modular unit which uses a similar design and style to their digital counterparts. With an attractive price point and sleek design, we can see this being a big seller worldwide.


Also not forgetting their routes, they have the Toughpower GOLD 750W sitting to the side, giving a generous bang for buck, modular design and flat cables, with only the 24-pin and 8-pin connectors being hardwired, as every system will require these.


We also took a moment to have a chat with Shannon Robb, Marketing Manager for Thermaltake USA to give us a rundown on the products on show, and to give us a quick look at the DPS software, so check it out below:


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