Thermaltake Reveal New Video of Wall Mount PC

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Thermaltake has made a lot of cool cases in recent time and we already got to see one funky wall mounted chassis at Computex 2015. Now they’re back with another wall mount PC chassis that was co-designed with ASUS.

Thermaltake presented the new chassis in a video where they don’t just show the final product and some catchy phrases. Instead, the video gives us a more detailed view into how it came to life, from idea to actually building it. You get a glimpse of it all.

The system is using an ASUS Sabertooth motherboard and ASUS STRIX graphics cards. The whole thing is cooled by a dual loop liquid cooling setup that should keep everything running at peek performance. We can easily spot the 420mm and 360mm radiators, three reservoirs, two OCZ Vector 180 SSDs and the PSU is, of course, one of Thermaltake’s own.


Best of all, this isn’t just some fancy and funky concept that the Thermaltake crew came up with, it should become an actual product and it should be available soon. The description reads: “Featuring an ultra minimalistic open-air design that’s ready to handle the extreme, the new Thermaltake open-frame PC coming soon!”

Would you be interested in a setup like this, or does it take up to much space for a single systems? Let us know in the comment section.

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1 Comment on Thermaltake Reveal New Video of Wall Mount PC

  • Avatar Eoin Mc Namara says:

    I dunno about an open-air wall kount system. Sure, I’d love the idea, except for the fans blowing noise and hot air into the room. That, and liquid cooling would be the only effective way, which rules out price.

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