The Nvidia Titan Goes Pro With The Quadro K6000

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Nvidia have revealed their most powerful weapon (I mean graphics card). The incredibly powerful Quadro K6000 has been shown to the world and its set to shake up the world of professional graphics in a big way. The card is based around the GK110 architecture, albeit every feature has been turned up to 11 and the card packs a mighty 2880 stream processors, a whopping 12GB of memory and its designed to be the best tool available for high performance graphics and simulation work.

“The Nvidia Quadro K6000 GPU is the highest performance, most capable GPU ever created for the professional graphics market. It will significantly change the game for animators, digital designers and engineers, enabling them to make the impossible possible,” said Ed Ellett, senior vice president of professional solutions group at Nvidia.


  • GK110 graphics processing unit
  • 2880 stream processors
  • 12GB GDDR5 memory
  • 4 x 4K display out-puts

Most consumer solutions struggle to push 4K in a real world environment, yet the K6000 will burn through four displays running 3840 x 2160 resolution, making it an incredible resource for creative works, so long as you can afford the setup. Of course if you have to ask how much something like this will cost, it’s likely because you’re in a job that doesn’t really need it, it will  be incredibly expensive though.

Naturally the most powerful graphics card in the world will be very expensive and rightly so, it’s the best there is! It blows the GTX Titan away with its brute force performance of having over 200 extra stream processors and Nvidia say that the GPU delivers 5x higher compute performance and nearly double the graphics capability of its predecessor the Quadro 6000, partly thanks to the 12GB of GDDR5, the worlds largest and fastest graphics memory.

The card will be available later this year from many major workstation providers and system integrators.

Thank you Xbitlabs for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Xbitlabs.


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1 Comment on The Nvidia Titan Goes Pro With The Quadro K6000

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I was thinking of buying 4 of these but there’s nothing wrong with my GeForce 4 MX 440 at the moment. Maybe next time…

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