Texas Protects Email Privacy With New Bill

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The United States government keeps trying to do more and more with cyber-security. When I hear that a new bill is coming out, I immediately think that they are trying to take away more of our privacy. Every once in awhile we get to see the government protecting the people.

Of course I am one of those meticulous people, who like to make sure I have my facts straight, and a lot of the time it is difficult to verify, but with laws, it is really easy. There is a wall of text for this bill some of which has been edited out.

Texas bill (HB 2268)

Relating to search warrants issued in this state and other states for certain customer data, communications, and other related information held in electronic storage in this state and other states by providers of electronic communications services and remote computing services.

  1. INTRODUCED Mar 4, 2013
  2. PASSED HOUSE May 7, 2013
  3. PASSED SENATE May 22, 2013

The fourth step is for the governor of the State of Texas to sign or veto the bill. If they sign the bill, it will become law, if they veto the bill it will then go back to the drawing board.

Essentially it appears to be saying that email is going to be considered property, if we throw our email in the trash, does it then become fair game? Will email service providers give us the ability to “burn” our mail? Will the “LAW” have a loophole to get at our email without the proper paperwork?

This bill has moved fairly quickly, and I do not feel that it is right how bills are passed. The United States is a democracy, where the people get to decide and vote on what they want. Passing bills without a vote by the people places more of a dictatorship, in my humble opinion. Though this seems to be an update and more for protecting the people from the old law stating that emails over 180 days are able to be obtained by the “LAW” without proper procedure.


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