Further Tests Show NASA’s EM Drive May Be Possible After all!

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It’s no secret that warp drive technology is freaking awesome, as it would theoretically allow faster than light travel, which would obviously have huge implications on space travel and many other aspects of technology if it can be achieved. The new drive was discovered almost by accident, as the test was meant to use microwave technology to provide propulsion without the use of a propellant, but early tests left scientists baffled, as light was able to travel at faster than light speeds throughout the field that the drive generated.


Obviously, the team have been working hard to find out why this happened, going on the assumption that it’s an error of some kind in their results, much like the false alarm about neutrinos traveling faster than light we had not so long back.

New tests have been performed in a vacuum, but amazingly the drive was still found to work, at least as a form of propulsion, adding further merit to the idea that the EM Drive is possible. Of course, doesn’t green light the idea just yet, but it’s certainly looking very positive. A very extensive breakdown of the technology and the tests can be found here. The drive is incredible, as it can be used to reduce the weight of what NASA launches into space; not having to carry tanks of propellant is a huge bonus!


I’m eagerly awaiting further test results, as the EM Drive is already looking to be the next big innovation in space fairing technology.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this informaiton.


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2 Comments on Further Tests Show NASA’s EM Drive May Be Possible After all!

  • Avatar Ryan Airth says:

    If they can manipulate space-time around a space craft, wouldn’t that mean we wouldn’t even need rockets to put stuff into space? Would this start some kind of space gold rush?

    • Avatar Phasers says:

      Space-bending requires alot of fuel, in sub-light flight conventional thrusters or Emdrive would stil be used.

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