Tesoro Releases Cutting-Edge Gandiva H1L Laser Gaming Mouse

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Tesoro have just released their new Tesogo Gandiva H1L laser gaming mouse which was first announced in July during Computex show. Gandiva represents the bow of Arjuna, great warrior of Mahabharat war. The bow was decorated with gold and had radiant finishing. It made Arjuna invisible and no one else could use it in the mortal world. When used, it made a sound of thunder… how cool does that sound! Although I’m betting this mouse doesn’t actually make you invisible, which is a shame.

Tesoro H1L Gandiva has modern and attractive design, which features full colour programmable illumination effect. Through its programmable software UI, and build in 128Kb memory, users can define up to 5 sets of mouse mapping, 40 macro keys, game script settings and illumination effect control. With high quality grade laser sensor AVAGO 9800, max customized resolution can reach up to 8200 DPI and it can be modified with respect to X and Y axis. Additional user control options include shooting speed, a tool for FPS fans to fine tune the shooting speed and ensure optical click rates; Lift off distance setting that allows user to design how sensitive the laser sensor is, and ultrapooling adjustment – from 125Hz to 1000Hz.


To ensure that Gandiva has long life-span and fantastic durability, Tesoro added special exclusive only to Tesoro newest Omron Switch Technology to add the clicky feel with superb durability. Together with smooth Teflon feet, which provide maximum sliding control, and a braided cable – Gandiva is built to last for years.


  • 8200 DPI Laser Sensor – AVAGO 9800.
  • Adjustable DPI with respect to X and Y axis. Steps can be defined by user
  • High speed motion detection and acceleration.
  • 1000Hz Ultra polling rate control. (125/250/500/1000)
  • 128Kb onboard memory.
  • 8 independently programmable buttons.
  • User friendly UI for easy setup.
  • 5 mapping sets, 40 macro keys.
  • Adjustable full color LED control.
  • Shooting Speed Control
  • Laser Gaming Grade Sensor
  • Newest special made Omron Switch Technology – only available to Tesoro
  • Liftoff distance control (LOD control)
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Gold-plated USB connector with braided cable.

Overall, it sounds like Tesoro have poured everything bit of high end tech into the Gandiva H1L that they possibly could! We can’t wait to test this on later in the year and if it lives up to the high standards that Tesoro have set with their previous products, then this could be one incredible gaming mouse.

Thank you Tesoro for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Tesoro.

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1 Comment on Tesoro Releases Cutting-Edge Gandiva H1L Laser Gaming Mouse

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    If this is not an ambidextrous mouse shouldn’t the right mouse button be slightly longer than the left mouse button because most ‘normal’ peoples index finger is longer than their forefinger. It looks a bit odd to me, they should’ve made both buttons the same length but there is no accounting for some tastes.

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