Tablets, Laptops and Touch-Screen Laptops: What do you prefer?

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The gadget market can be overwhelming for anyone who is trying to decide how to choose the best technology for his or her needs. The popularity of both laptop and tablet varies depending on which demographic we look at, as various groups of people want specific and specialized uses from their computer.

A laptop is basically a personalized and mobile PC. In recent years, as more people want to be able to use their technology while on the move, laptops have been designed to become as functional, powerful and to perform as well as a PC.

Tablets are still a new addition to mobile computing as they are smaller than a laptop and have easy to use touch-screen technology. They also weigh less, most have excellent cameras and they can connect to both WI-FI and 3G. The downside is that as a fully functional computer device, their abilities are limited.

Some niche professions have utilised applications built for Tablets to enhance and help with their work. Some design programmes are able to transfer software from the Tablet to a PC, while many people in the music business use apps while on the move for mixing and accessing virtual equipment that they would only otherwise find in a studio.

It is down to the individual to recognise what they need from their device before they opt for a Tablet, Laptop or Touch-screen Laptop.

We now have touch-screen laptops. Windows 8 was designed to provide an efficient touch-screen user interface. There is still a big question mark as to what the point is of a touch-screen laptop. The major plus point, is that once you get the hang of it, there are many shortcuts to be had, making work-life more efficient and the ability to choose and locate files much faster.

But arm-ache, filthy fingerprinted screens and complaints about flimsy screens that move around as soon as they are touched, makes the extra expense of a touch-screen laptop hard to justify.

For those of us who use our devices to play games and enjoy apps, technology has come a long way in the last two years and many games that were only available for PC’s and Laptops, have been updated so they are compatible with Tablets and touch-screens. Games such as Bingo, Casino games like Royal Vegas Top Online Casino, puzzle games such as Candy Crush and The Room, have all gained notoriety for being as user-friendly and reliable to play on Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s and Laptops.

Many will argue that the Tablet is for apps and fun games, a laptop is for more serious and hard-core gaming, while touch-screen laptops are for the wealthy and hi-tech folk.

It’s down to the individual to work out what they need from their device and then go for it!

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