Synology Shows off NVR Devices and Surveillance Station 7.0 at Computex

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Synology computex NVR 18

Computex 2015 – Synology released their new Surveillance Station back in February and you can’t just use it on their NAS devices. Synology also has a long list of NVR devices specialized for network video recording and surveillance and they brought them all long too.

Among the devices is the NVR716, a two-bay unit for small and midsize business. Ther NVR716 features 1080p local display capabilities as well as a CMS designed for retail businesses. The two bays can be extended up to 7 with Synology’s optional expansion unit.

Synology computex NVR 19

Synology computex NVR 20

The VisualStation VS360HD is a compact unit for PC-less monitoring for surveillance of all scales. With dual output over HDMI and VGA, it is as easy to hook up as it is to use and allows for easy monitoring of up to 36 channels of simultaneous HD viewing in 720p.

Synology computex NVR 22

Synology computex NVR 34

The durable, compact and last but not least fanless design allows for easy deployment and you can hook up as pretty much as many as you want.

Synology computex NVR 28

Surveillance Station 7.0 is Synology’s new and revamped centre for monitoring and recording your video surveillance with easy multi-tasking and efficient task automation with action rules.

Synology computex NVR 23

Synology computex NVR 36

Synology computex NVR 24

Synology computex NVR 25

Synology computex NVR 26

Synology computex NVR 27

Synology computex NVR 29

Synology computex NVR 30

Synology computex NVR 35

As you can see on the photos we’ve taken, there is barely any limit on how many cameras you can hook up to your security system, allowing you to monitor everything from small offices with a single room to full complexes and manufacturing plants.

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