SwiftKey 4.3 Released And Available On The Google Play Store

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SwiftKey has once again updated the third-party Android keyboard, releasing version 4.3 out onto the Play Store. Among the features in this update are a selection of three keyboard layouts, optimized for different screen and hand sizes. Particularly useful, I’ve found, is the Compact layout, which makes the entire length of the keyboard easier to reach with a thumb. This has proven invaluable when using larger devices like the Galaxy Note 3.

Canadian English language has also been added in this version according to the following press release “it understands local place names and personalities, for example, it understands Canadian users who type “Stephen” will be more likely than American English users to be talking about Prime Minister Stephen Harper than author Stephen King.” Very cool.

The “Living Layouts” update, which is what SwiftKey is calling version 4.3, combines the tablet and phone apps into a single version, meaning that users who paid for one or the other will get the second one free of charge.

SwiftKey is facing increasing competition in the Android keyboard market as well. Swype just updated its app and Google is rolling out a revised version of its own Android Keyboard with KitKat, bringing “swipe through space” functionality that debuted with SwiftKey. But choice is good, and Android users have a wealth of it. Anyone interested in the app can find it here.


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2 Comments on SwiftKey 4.3 Released And Available On The Google Play Store

  • Avatar Jeppe Carlsen says:

    Have used SwiftKey for over a year now, loving it!

    I have friends regretting they got an iPhone, since they can’t get SwiftKey for it xD

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I tried it out and I quite like it but not enough to pay for it. I’ve gotten used to the Samsung keyboard anyway.

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